Making The Better Metal. Part 1

date: 08/14/2012 category: features
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Making The Better Metal. Part 1
Nate could hear the roar of the crowd surrounding him as he marched off stage head held high. The energy they gave him made him feel exhilarated to say the least. He was high on life from the fulfillment of putting on yet another amazing show. He turned back to his fans one last time holding his guitar high above his head and watching the audience go crazy. Yet through all this excitement Nate felt that something didn't feel right. He then continued to walk off stage and into the backroom of the venue. There awaiting him were his bandmates who had already left the stage, Jay, the drummer, Harvey, the bassist, and q, the lead guitarist. The four of them together were Fornicorpse, the heaviest band to ever hit the death metal scene. With their barrage of the most brutal songs ever written along with their occasional Slipknot and Disturbed covers it was hard to imagine a band could possibly be any heavier than them. "Yo, Nasty Nate, is something wrong?" asked Jay who could tell that Nate was bothered by something even through all the brutal corpse paint he was wearing. "I don't know man. I just feel like something's missing" answered Nate. "I thought I'd feel more fulfilled by now. We've been at this for years. We've sure as hell worked our a-ses off, but I don't know... Maybe death metal just isn't my thing." "You know, it's weird" Harvey chimed in from across the room "I've been feeling the same way. Maybe Fornicorpse has had it's run. Maybe it's time we do something else." Erik turned his head quickly "I ain't gettin' no real job man. I don't got what it takes. Music is all I got!" "Don't sweat it" said Harvey. "We're not getting real jobs. We just have to kick it up a notch. Turn this sh-t up to 11. Go as heavy as possible." "What's your idea then? 'Cuz I like the sound of this" Erik chimed back. "I don't know yet" said Harvey downing a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. "But when I think of one I'll let you guys know." With their words echoing in his head Nate grabbed his beloved B.C. Rich Warlock and headed out to his car. The next morning Nate woke up to see a text from Harvey on his phone. It read "Dude call me ASAP. I have some big news for you." Seeing this he rang up Harvey then and there. "Okay, so last night after I got home from the show I was unwinding with some music" Harvey explained. "And I stumbled upon this guy Skrillex. You have to hear him. He invented this new type of music called dubstep and it's like the heaviest music ever made. Heavier than Slipknot!" "Heavier than Slipknot?" the thought almost couldn't even process in Nate's mind. "How is that even possible? They're like the most brutal band on the planet. Everyone knows you can't be heavier than Slipknot!" "Just trust me, you can be. Head on over to my place soon for a band meeting, I already told the guys and they're on their way." Nate then ran into his bathroom to take a shower. Once he hopped out he quickly got dressed and jumped into his car and drove straight to Harvey's house. Once there he sat down to listen to Harvey get up and start talking. "Alright guys take a listen to this" he said as he put on "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites" by Skrillex. "This is dubstep. It was invented by a guy called Skrillex. As you can tell it's the heaviest music to ever be made. And since Fornicorpse just isn't cutting it anymore, we are going to make dubstep." "It just sounds like pushing random buttons on a computer" said Erik. "It is" Harvey responded. "But it's heavy. And you figure all we do to make our death metal is play notes as fast as we can while Jay nearly destroys his kit from all the random drumming he does. Since it's that heavy and that easy to make it's exactly like metal. Dubstep is the metal of the electronic world." Jay then jumped in saying "You know, I like this Harvey. And I have a name for us too, we're going to be Gorelord now. The heaviest dubstep band in the world. Maybe one day we'll even be as good as Skrillex." The rest of the band agreed and thus Fornicorpse, the most brutal death metal band to ever walk on the planet, ended and gave birth to Gorelord, the newest and best dubstep band ever. To be continued...
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