Most Metal Superheroes of All Time

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Most Metal Superheroes of All Time
If there's something that can take your everyday superhero to a whole new level, it's a healthy dose of good old metal. Ability to fly, x-ray vision and super-strength are all cool, but way cooler if combined with some guitar distortion. Luckily, there are a few metal dudes more than capable of saving the day out there. Therefore, check out our list of 8 most metal superheroes ever.


We'll kick it off with an obvious choice - God of Thunder, Vikings, long hair, Scandinavian vibe, that hammer - Thor is as metal as a superhero can be.

Ghost Rider

If leather, chains, flaming bike and a flaming skull don't do the trick for you, consider this - Nicolas Cage played him in the movie.


Spikes, growly voice, chest hair, this guy's basically a few face warts away from being Lemmy.


Deadpool's just an epitome of a metal dude not giving a single f--k about anyone or anything, a shoo-in for our list.


Maybe he doesn't possess any typical superhero abilities, but Dave Mustaine was inspired to write two songs based on the Punisher. OK, one and a half in some way, but whatever.


There's just something both vile and classy about Batman that simply screams Opeth. A true metal sir, rightfully placed in the upper part of our list.


Summoned from Hell to Earth by a group of Nazi occultists, Hellboy had metal written all over him the day he came to be. Add horns, a devil tail, leather coat and trousers, and an oversized right hand made of stone and you'll get that guy you regret meeting in the moshpit at a Slayer gig.

Iron Man

Combine the most epic metal riff of all time and that Black Sabbath t-shirt Robert Downey Jr. wore and you'll get a whole lot of metal.

Got any other metal superheroes to share? Do it in the comments section.

Also, what subgenre of metal is each one of those superheroes? Does Thor fits perfectly with folk metal? Is gothic metal the perfect genre for Batman? Can you call Iron Man a heavy metal super hero? Share your opinions in the comments section.
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