My Poor Brain

Dave Grohl accidentally writes new Foo Fighters album.

My Poor Brain
Dave Grohl - former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters front man - has long been referred to as "the busiest man in rock and roll." The nickname isn't exactly unwarranted either. In the past, Grohl has collaborated with Queens Of The Stone Age, John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney, Joan Jett, John Fogerty, and many, many, MANY others. Grohl's also multi-talented. Not only does he sing and play guitar in his own band, but he's also taught himself how to play the piano. And we obviously can't forget about his drumming. Grohl beats those drums like his life depends on it, all while somehow managing to make it look next to effortless.

Grohl's latest studio work, however, may have literally been effortless. He told us today that he may have written an entire new Foo Fighters record without even meaning to. The singer explains: "Honestly, I don't know how it could've possibly happened. I remember lying in my bed, thinking about what our next record should sound. I guess I must've dozed off and, when I woke back up, I had a lyrics sheet with my handwriting in one hand and the master tapes [obviously recorded to an 8-inch reel] in my other hand. I listened to the tapes and, sure enough, it was me. It's pretty f--king spooky, man."

Spooky indeed, Dave. Is it truly possible Grohl could've written a brand new album in his sleep? The singer offers his own opinion on what may have happened: "I like to think that - and this is gonna sound crazy - but I like to think that, in some way, somehow, this may have been Kurt's doing. Kurt and I, along with Krist, always had this crazy f--king unspoken energy going on when we'd jam. So maybe, just maybe, this was him..."

The Foo Fighter went on to talk about his days in Nirvana for the next ninety-three minutes before wrapping up the interview: "Whatever happened, whether this really was some act of God - or Kurt - or some weird case of sleep walking, I think it's safe to say that there definitely will be a new Foo Fighters record coming out real soon."

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    greekboy slim
    So THAT'S the crazy thing no one's ever done before!?!? Recording in your sleep, Dave... nice one.
    wow this is proof dave grohl is a genius! cant wait to hear that shit it sounds like its gonna be a legendary record!
    Sleaze Disease
    Not funny, just like all the other internet April Fools jokes.
    To be fair, I wrote this two months ago. Why UG thought I was joking and decided to publish it on April 1st, I have no idea. Don't worry though, I know I'm not funny. Just bored...