Rockin' Pets: 16 Rockstars and Their Pets

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Rockin' Pets: 16 Rockstars and Their Pets
For this week, we'll spice things up with a fresh dose of cuteness.

This one doesn't need much introduction, it's rockstars and their favorite pets.

Cute, weird, turtles, it's all there, check it out below.

Dave Mustaine and His Miniature Pet Pony

Ozzy Osbourne Making Out With His Pet Bulldog

Slash, His Pet Snake and Betty White

Michael Jackson and His Pet Monkey

Billie Joe Armstrong Hiding Behind His Bulldog

Courtney Love and Her Pet Tortoise

Willie Nelson and His Pet Horse Voodoo

Paul McCartney Posing With His Doggie

Phil Anselmo Lovin' His Doggie

Dave Grohl Teasin' His Doggie

LordĀ Kitty

Cantrell Kitty

Zappa Kitty

Cobain Kitty

Mercury Double Kitty

Elvis Kangaroo (Combobreaker!)

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