Rocking the Ice Bucket: Rockers Who Took the Challenge

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Rocking the Ice Bucket: Rockers Who Took the Challenge
Over the past few weeks, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge rocked the rock world, as many prominent musicians decided to join the cause and give themselves a cold splash.

From weak-ish Portnoy to heartwarming Becker, here's a chronological (or ... quite chronoligical) rundown of rockers taking the Ice Bucket. Also, stay tuned to see whether Bono will rise up to Mr. Homme's shout-out.

Mike McCready

Challenged by: Steve Gleason
Challenged: Pearl Jam, Duff McKagan, Stefan Lessard and Mike Wells

Jon Bon Jovi

Challenged by: Jay McKee
Challenged: David Bryan, Tico Torres and Richie Sambora

Eddie Vedder

Challenged by: Mike McCready
Challenged: Tim Robbins, Bruce Springsteen and Niall Horan

Weird Al Yankovic

Challenged: Barack Obama, Dalai Lama, Pope (yes, he plays big)

Mike Portnoy

Challenged by: "everybody from Jack Black to Eddie Vedder doing it"
Challenged: Chris Jericho, Eddie Trunk and Charlie Benante


Challenged: Daniel Adair, Foo Fighters, Bill Murray and Mr. T.

Stone Gossard

Challenged by: Mike McCready
Challenged: Josh Freese and all Pearl Jam fans.

Corey Taylor

Challenged by: Duff McKagan
Challenged: Scott Ian, Chris Jericho and Jay Ruston

Jeff Ament

Challenged by: Mike McCready
Challenged: Brent Barry, Frank Brickowski and Kenny

Duff McKagan

Challenged by: Mike McCready
Challenged: Zakk Wylde, Corey Taylor, Joe Elliott and Steve Jones

Charlie Benante

Challenged by: Mike Portnoy
Challenged: Philip H. Anselmo, Andreas Kisser and Jay Ruston

Foo Fighters

Challenged by: Nickelback
Challenged: Jack Black, John Travolta and Stephen King

Les Claypool

Challenged by: Pax Mahle
Challenged: Stewart Copeland (the Police), Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire) and Geddy Lee

Chris Jericho

Challenged by: Corey Taylor
Challenged: William Shatner, Paul Stanley, Chael Sonnen

Richie Sambora

Challenged by: Jon Bon Jovi
Challenged: Orianthi and all his fans

Matt Cameron

Challenged by: Mike McCready
Challenged: John Tempesta, Pete Cameron, Josh Evans

Alice Cooper

Challenged by: Tico Torres
Challenged: Motley Crue and Johnny Depp

Mike Shinoda

Challenged by: Steve Aoki
Challenged: Chester Bennington, Tim Ferriss, Lisa Ling and Austin Carlile.

Chester Bennington

Challenged by: Mike Shinoda
Challenged: 30 Seconds to Mars, AFI

Motley Crue

Challenged by: Alice Cooper
Challenged: Aerosmith, Def Leppard and KISS

Daniel Aldair

Challenged by: Nickelback
Challenged: Charlie Benante

Jason Becker

Challenged: Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth and John Mayer

John Mayer

Challenged by: Jason Becker
Challenged: Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth

Steel Panther

Challenged: Ratt, Black Veil Brides and the Pope

Sammy Hagar

Challenged by: Joe Satriani
Challenged: Eddie and Alex Van Halen

Rick Rubin

Challenged by: Eminem
Challenged: Frank Ocean, Owen Wilson and Vincent Gallo

Robert Plant

Challenged: Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Tom Jones, Sir Elton John and Peter Gabriel

Michael Wilton

Challenged: Queensryche

Josh Homme

Challenged by: Imagine Dragons
Challenged: Bono

Chris Martin

Challenged by: Shakira
Challenged: Bono, Paul McCartney and Angelina Jolie

Geddy Lee

Challenged by: Les Claypool
Challenged: Ed Robertson, Jay Baruchel and Randy Johnson

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