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Happy Halloween! It's one of our favourite times of year, with many rockstars joining in the celebrations with their usual dramatic personas and flair for dressing up like ghouls. In celebration, we dug through the YouTube archives for the scariest videos ever. We didn't want to just post nasty, grizzly special effects. This holiday is about having fun. As a result, we found a range between "so bad it's good", to ones with a good dollop of artistic integrity. We stretched beyond the rock realm a little too, but for a good reason - the videos were ace. So pop your Dracula teeth in, sit back, and enjoy the show. Ready?

Rob Zombie "Dragula"

The former White Zombie singer honed his director cap with his solo music videos. There's nothing cheesy about this clip -- Zombie balances satire with attitude like a master, and cuts in plenty of shots from old films. Well worth watching twice, such is his performance. It could be the ultimate Halloween headbanging anthem.

The Cure "Lullaby"

For a fairly mainstream act (in their era), The Cure have always had an edge of odd about them. But this video embraced a fear of the night like no other -- and if there's one thing worse than seeing a ghost, it's being devoured by a giant spider. Here's an idea: show it to a kid and list their increasing personality disorders as they age. Actually, don't.

Ozzy Osbourne "Bark At The Moon"

One of those videos that are so old and bad that they're good. Ozzy plays the part of a werewolf and dead man, but there's one way he could have really been scary -- playing himself as the stuttering, stumbling rocker who bites the head from animals.

Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me"

The last thing you want when you're at home alone is a sense of deflating paranoia. So why does Rockwell start hanging out in graveyards and letting black-veiled ghosts into his shower? Sort out your priorities, chap. Mind you, we don't mind the idea that the ghost of Michael Jackson is chipping in with the chorus.

Daft Punk "Prime Time Of Your Life"

We know you're probably not into the French dance duo, but this video was too creepy to leave out. Taking a holiday with a skeleton is weird, but not as much as a small girl peeling the skin from her own face.


30 Seconds To Mars "The Kill (Bury Me)"

You can always trust Jared Leto to be overly dramatic when it suits him. True to horror tradition a'la The Shining, there's blood in the corridors and a sense of overbearing fear. Worst of all (if you don't like the band), you'll be really worried to see the entire band cloned. As in, there's two of them. It could be too much for you to bear.

Fever Ray "If I Had A Heart"

It's not immediately obvious that this high-art video charts the mass murder of the rich and wealthy by a primitive tribe, but even if you didn't notice, you'd still find it freaky. As Karin Dreijer Andersson's first solo record is from outside the rock realm, you might have missed that it was one of the real artistic achievements of 2009.

Aphex Twin "Come To Daddy"

The electronic production Jesus once insisted he could make better heavy music than rock artists. He was wrong (it's one of his worst tracks), but it didn't stop the video of a hoarde of little girls with Richard D. James' face running through a desolate city or a skeletal figure screaming into the face of an old woman being an absolute spectacle.

Tool "Sober"

You know a Tool video is going to be worth a Halloween viewing. We could have picked any of their releases, but there's something about the melting faces and terrifying alternate dimension on Sober that we couldn't ignore. Guitarist Adam Jones used his skills as a former Hollywood animation artist to make the video, giving it a sense of impressive hand-crafted charm under all the horror.

Skinny Puppy "Worlock"

Considered by some to be the most disgusting video ever, and for good reason. There seems to be genuine hand stabbings, knife-grabbing, whipping and blood. The special effects of heads being cut and scooped out are so rough that anyone who enjoys it is officially sick. But it's Halloween, so treat yourself.
We'd love to see your suggestions for great Halloween viewing, so add links to your Halloween favorites and we'll check them out in the UG office. Happy holidays! By Tom Davenport
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