Seeing Your Favorite Band Live

date: 05/18/2012 category: features
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Imagine you have a dream. Like a real one that keeps you hostage for several years. You would do anything to get one step closer. I've been obsessed with Linkin Park since high school, I basically loved all their songs, I loved playing them loud in my earphones while doing paper out job early in the morning, I spent tons of money to recharge my Sony Walkman batteries while listening to neverending "In The End". I could not explain the processes taking place in my head, but something was definitely going on, making me forget about reality, giving me energy and self belief. My Mormon parents did not let me listen to Linkin Park... Bad influence and "inappropriate language" were their main arguments, but I did not give a sh-t. Listening to my favorite band's CDs behind their backs made it more desirable and thrilling. In the middle of fall semester I heard that my fav band is coming to my town! I had no doubts I should be there in front rows, cheering for my favorite band, but how? I don't have enough money, I don't have a ride, I don't have excuse to be absent in the evening... So many "I don'ts"! My friend's dad picked us up from school, handling me usual Starbucks Latte that I manage to finish before I get home. He saw me unusually quiet and I told him the reason why. Several days later he called my parents and told about sleepover party for kids and that I am invited. I did not understand what was going on. When our family van arrived to his driveway I still had no idea. Now imagine my feelings when I found out my friend's dad had two tickets and we had something like 20 minutes to get ready and go for a live show! I could barely see the stage from the back. But just knowing I am breathing the same air as my favorite band, being surrounded by people who share my feelings made me tipsy. There was unknown band singing before the show, I was already exhausted. Then I heard chords. "I know them" -I thought. I could not believe that was real. The quality of the sound was awesome, the energy was all over. One song was coming after another. I recalled that day as "seeing my dream's face". Shouting favorite songs along with other fans and favorite band made that experience unforgettable... Washington state, 2000.
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