Sh-tty Bands That Are Very Awesome Live

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Sh-tty Bands That Are Very Awesome Live
So as you might have noticed, this week's UG Top 10 focused on the finest stage shows in rock. We'll eke out the list with the opposite side here, focusing on bad bands that deliver top-notch shows.

I have to admit that I'm not much of a music basher, no matter the style, so this one's more based on UG's opinion during the mentioned Top 10 vote. Check out the list below and make your own additions in the comments.


When it comes to KISS, fan reactions range from super-devoted love to immense hate. Possibly due to Gene Simmons' business side, they're not exactly a crowd favorite here. You can't deny them the impact they had as far as influence and stage shows are concerned, but the quality of KISS music is always a highly-debatable subject.

Would you call the guys overrated or underrated? Both ways could work when you think about it.

GG Allin

This one's kind of a joke, but is it really? Yes, GG was a demented individual and his shows could easily make you sick, but boy were they memorable. Sadly, that's not what you can say about his music.


They might be the most slammed band in the history of rock, but Nickelback knows how to deliver a testosterone-driven rock show. Fireworks, loud guitars, naked ladies, it's all there.


No disrespect to late Oderus, but GWAR weren't exactly the greatest band in the world. They did deliver an epic live show though.

Avenged Sevenfold

This band tends to receive massive hate around here, but also steadily garners more and more affection. Many argue on whether A7X are really the "torchbearers" of rock music and insist that their music is plain awful. Would you agree with that?

Got something to add here? Do it in the comments section.
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