Should Beginner Bands Start With Cover Songs or Originals?

date: 06/20/2014 category: features
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Should Beginner Bands Start With Cover Songs or Originals?
Rather than focusing on globally-renowned artists as usual, this week we figured it's time to dedicate some tome to young acts. And we mean really young, the ones just getting started in the rock world.

So you figured out how to play, you've got a group of guys sharing the same vision and taste, but before you fully get involved with your life's biggest mistake, there's a question to be answered - covers or originals?

If you happen to be in a band, the mentioned question has probably popped up quite a few times. We'll discuss the two sides a bit and then it's time for you to share your experiences in the comments.

Why originals?

'Cause that's what it's all about. You didn't pick up an instrument because you wanted a steady gig at a local bar, you did it because you dreamed of becoming the next Hendrix. It's seems kinda redundant saying it, but making original music and expressing yourself through it is the point of playing an instrument in the first place.

Why covers?

'Cause those songs are what you guys love and there's no shame in playing them. Metallica started as a cover band, and so did quite a few other giants. Plus a good cover is bound to get the crowd rocking, now isn't it? Not to mention that some of the greatest hits from biggest acts around the world happen to be covers. He even had a list on this a few years back.

So what to do?

The road to success with originals is quite a bumpy one and not everyone's capable of creating a hit tune. On the other hand, if you get tangled up with covers too much, you might never return, and there's only so much a cover band can do, making a living through music typically not being one of the options.

There's a vast array of factors to be taken into consideration here, but we'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you prefer visiting gigs of cover bands or the ones playing their own music (talking strictly about smaller bands playing clubs)? And if you happen to be a musician, what are your experiences with the whole covers/originals matter? Let us know in the comments.
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