The Gospel Truth. Part 1 - Epilogue

The introduction to my first full-length story. I have only written short stories before, so this is a new experience for me. Jared del Alma is a young man caught between his family's religion and his own quest for truth in music.

The Gospel Truth. Part 1 - Epilogue
A sickness. Evil. The Work of Satan. That is what rock and roll music was. Or at least, that is what Jared had been told again and again by his father. Yet, every time he had ever truly felt the existence of his soul, it was awakened by the low rumble of amp feedback, the deep ocean of sound from a bass guitar, the bright twang of the piano keys. Of course, Jared played gospel music; his father bought him a guitar, and expected him to play it - just not to play anything you would hear in a honky-tonk or at a rock concert. Sometimes, Jared even listened to gospel music, but it wasn't the same. It didn't have soul, no matter how much it claimed the soul to be its subject. Jared, being a good son who didn't want to upset his father, knew how to keep him happy. Play gospel music in church on Sundays and Wednesdays. Be at choir practice on Sunday afternoon. Do not let father know that your favorite band is The Rolling Stones. Tell him that your favorite band is The Angel Band of the Bible itself. And for the sake of all that is sacred, do not mention the words "Christian rock" in front of father. Jared actually agreed with his father on that last point, but for a different reason; Jared's father considered it blasphemous and immediately damning to Hell, whereas Jared just thought the music sucked. Jared believed that Jesus most likely existed, and that he might even have been the Son of God; of course, Muhammad might have also been God's greatest prophet, and Haile Selassie might have been God's fourth and final Avatar. Jared definitely believed there was a God. He knew that God existed; he just wasn't sure in what capacity it was that God existed. Jared did not dare to share these beliefs with his father. He was no fool, and he enjoyed not being shunned from the family. So, all through school Jared kept quiet about what he truly believed, going through the motions of a Southern Baptist church in order to appease his father, whilst not being sure how to appease his Heavenly Father. Fortunately for Jared's tastes in music, he was not completely deprived of the music he loved. Jared had an advantage over much of the people in rock history, in that he lived in the 21st century, where most people actually enjoy rock music and do not believe that it will basically be like riding a motorcycle into Hell with a bottle of whiskey in each hand. Jared had plenty of music which he got from his friends and saved on his laptop, which he knew his father was unable to use. Jared just had to be careful to make sure that he was not listening to anything "Satanic" when his father got home. One day, Jared was in the grocery store shopping for the family's food, since his mother was sick. It was there that Jared began both of his journeys; the journey to create music he truly felt power in, and the journey to find the real truth in this world. In the beginning, it was just Jared, and the ad he found searching for guitarists for a new band which was forming at the university which he had coincidentally been accepted to, and would enter in only one month. One position, in one band, with a two-word name: Kerryville Soulbringers.

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