The Local Music Scene

date: 04/28/2014 category: features
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The Local Music Scene
The local music scene is awesome. It's a place where musicians of all different genres and skill levels unite. Where people can get up on the stage and announce what they stand for. It can be a place where a soon to be big band is just starting out, or just where people go to watch their friends perform while forgetting about their outside lives for a while. The music scene is where we can all come together for similar purposes and just enjoy music and all of it's wonders. And yet it is said that the music scene is dying...

There are many reasons why this could be... Some say that it's the lack of originality in bands these days, others blame it on modern technology, whatever it is we've got to come together to help it survive. 

So here is how you can help keep your local music scene alive.

Go to local shows

This one may seem obvious but it's one that a lot of claimed "music lovers" forget about. If you are in a band this is especially important because it gives you a chance to get out there and have some face time with the people who come out to your shows, you will find this to be much more effective then just sending out a request on Facebook. Even if you have seen the band multiple times already, if you want to help them out than give them a crowd to play for. Which brings us to,

Bring your friends

The more people in the crowd the better, so bring your friends and just hangout and watch the show. Who knows, they might get hooked and then you'll have a friend to go to more shows with.


It doesn't matter if you are in a band or not, if you want to see a particular band grow then give them a shout out on Facebook, bring them up at school/work, ask them for some flyers you can put up in your neighborhood, etc. 

Buy merch

Venues nowadays are mainly in it to make money, which in their defense they need money to stay open, but because of this bands get screwed over and between the low payout and all the money spent on gas, food and equipment, rarely break even. Pretty much the only way bands make money is by selling merch, so if you ever want to see your band have enough money to tour or record an album make sure that you are buying their stuff.

The music scene is something spectacular and is worth fighting for. But you can't just do it by yourself, get a group together to help rescue and restore this scene that we love so much.
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