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Hello all! It's that time of the year again, when snow coats the landscape, wrapped gifts lie beneath decorated trees waiting to be unpacked by eager hands of loved ones, and chimes and bells and cheesy songs on the radio fill the air with the unmistakable sound of that holiday we all know and love... Yep, Christmas is here, and with it are the UG Xmas Awards of 2010! It's been a while, but this year Santa Zappp and the rest of the UG staff decided to present some of their users with some exquisite and exclusive gifts! And because Santa only gives gifts to good little kids, he wanted to know who had been the best UGers of the past year... So he could offer these users a grand prize! So, you're probably wondering... who won? For this year's Xmas Awards, there were several categories for which a top 5 was selected, some of which elected by vote. The categories were:
  • Top tabbers (most contributed tabs)
  • Top reviewers (most contributed reviews)
  • Top columnists (most contributed column articles)
  • Top bands (most band profile views)
  • Top forums
  • Top forum users
  • Top staff
  • Top profiles
  • Top musicians The nomination thread, where the rules of voting are explained and the votes were cast, can be found here... Now, without further ado, we'll look at the categories and see who won!

    Top Tabbers

    In this category, the top 5 was decided by number of tab contributions this year. The winners are: #5. Kwonnie contributed an impressive 201 tabs in 2010! #4. RaiLeff did 8 more tabs than that, and takes away the 4th spot with 209 tabs! #3. Tone Jones, with a stunning 220 tab contributions this year; #2. paramore_fans did even better, with 403 contributed tabs! But the winner for this category is: #1. Kraziekhat, with an absolutely whopping 568 contributed tabs this year! That's an average of 3 tabs every 2 days! Congrats!

    Top Reviewers

    Like in the tabs category, the number of reviews this year were counted to decide on the top 5. The winners are: #5. mattybou92, who wrote 20 reviews this year! #4. guitfiddleRR, with 3 reviews more, bringing his total up to 23 reviews for 2010! #3. krvolok, with a very impressive 30 reviews contributed this year! #2. sweetpeasuzie wrote no less than 34 reviews in 2010... Impressive! But the winner: #1. EpiExplorer contributed an amazing 45 reviews this year! We can only thank him for contributing so much, and congratulate him on the win!

    Top Columnists

    This category shows the top 5 column writers this year; the ones who contributed the largest number of articles for the community to enjoy. Here are the winners: #5. 310320, the author of the succesful fiction series Harmony Hill and the more recent The Vanishing Point, contributed 11 installments this year! #5. Jonthecomposer tied with 310320 for 5th place, having contributed 11 very helpful instructional articles... #3. Van Hammersmith, UG's resident hardrock pirate, entertained UG this year with 21 articles! #2. Nolan Whyte, the popular fiction writer whose long-standing fiction series "Riot Band Blues" has been keeping a grip on UG readers with 49 installments over the last year! #1. Colohue, arguably UG's most accomplished all-around writer, takes away this category with no less than 70 (!) contributions in 2010! Thanks and congrats!

    Top Bands

    For this category, we looked at which band profile on UG got the most profile views (of all time; sadly, we don't keep records of profile views per year). So let's see who won: #5. Bullet For My Valentine: The well-known metal band BFMV (and I'm genuinely afraid to name their subgenre, just in case I get skinned for getting it wrong!) have rallied the interest of over 14.000 enthousiastic metalheads! #4. Sundial: Over 16.000 views for this band! Would that be due to the enticing gothic inspired melodies, or the female singer's good looks? #3. The Damned Things: With scorching hard rock music, this band has sparked the interest of over 19.300 viewers! #2. Slash: Who doesn't know this legendary guitarist? Yes, that's right, he has a UG band profile, and a popular one too with more than 19.600 viewers! #1. Extreme: Rock reigns supreme on UG, with this brilliant rock band topping an all-rock top three bands... And all of them are brilliant! Congrats!

    Top Forums

    UGers love their forums, that's for sure! But we wanted to know which forum is UG's favourite... So, we let all forum users vote on their favourite forum, and here are the results! #5. Musician Talk (45 points): For anyone who wants to learn theory, discuss the finesses of music, or share their theoretical knowledge with the community, Musician Talk is the place to be! #4. Electric Guitar (49 points): UG's favourite instrument has its own forum! Everything you ever wanted to know about the electric guitar can be found in the collective knowledge of the guitar geeks in this forum section... #3. Guitar Building & Customizing (56 points): It seems UGers love to build and customize their own gear! Whether you want to know what pickups to slap onto your new electric, how to wire your own amp or effect pedal, or if you just want to show your very own guitar build to your fellow guitar customizers, GB&C is the place to be! #2. Metal (62 points): Crank up the volume and shift your distortion to 11! UG has a vast amount of metalheads of all varieties amongst its users, and a massively popular metal forum is the result of that! Take a look inside to find threads on your favourite bands where you can share experiences with your fellow fans, or to learn about bands you had never heard of before! Now where's my wah pedal? #1. Guitar Gear & Accessories (89 poins): UG's number one forum for this year! Want to know what amp to buy to play blues? Found an offer for a second-hand pedal, and you're unsure whether it's a good deal? Ask one of the gear boffins in GG&A, they'll surely be able to help! Does fuzz make you jizz your pants? You're probably one of these boffins. UGers sure love their gear...

    Top Forum Users

    Now that we know which forums the average UGer liked the most over the last year... Who is UG's most liked forum user? For this category, we let users vote on who they think was the funniest, kindest, or most helpful user around the forums this year. This is what came out of it: #5. SlackerBabbath and Jack Off Jill tied for the 5th place, both with 15 points from the Pit vote! Congrats to both! #4. Ur all $h1t (20 points): The man with the best username on UG! We'd have given him a prize just for that, but on top of it he's also one of the most intelligent people to roam the forums. #3. SteveHouse (33 points): A true Pitmonkey, but one with class. SteveHouse is one of the Pit's finest assets, with posts that are often as entertaining as they are insightful! #2. Kensai (35 points): Who doesn't love this silly sausage from Sweden? Not many people can bring laughter to the forums as well as a rare dose of common sense the way he does... And he brings both to the right place at the right time! This has made him an almost essential part of the Pit over the years, and this year has been no different. #1. Jackal58 (90 points): Also known as the "Pit Daddy", this old fox took away the "best forum user" category by a landslide, winning by a massive 90 points! That's almost as old as he is! Wherever he posts, moods are sure to brighten, for his witty remarks have left many in fits of laughter. And now, he proved to us once again who's the daddy!

    Top Staff

    Love 'em or hate 'em, the mods and column cleaners are the people who keep UG in check so all can enjoy its content in a peaceful way... To show them some love for that, we let UGers pick their favourite staff members! #5. CoreysMonster (36 points): Everybody loves CoreysMonster, UG's freshly appointed column cleaner! Ryan is his name, and cleaning up the dirt in UG's articles section is his game... Not unlike most janitors, actually. #4. daytripper75 (50 points): The Pit wouldn't be the same without Matt, who has been with UG since 2003 and has since been nothing but helpful to the website. Cheers for his awesome work! #3. Carmel (57 points): God created the universe in 6 days, and on the 7th day he made Carmel his admin... UG has its very own goddess! If you need help with any problem or issue on the website, you'll be sure to get help from this charming young lady if you drop her a line... Or, if you just want to chat, she's sure to leave your heart glowing as scarlet red as her username is! #2. ZeGuitarist (76 points): What is my name doing here? I'm not writing anything about myself. I just do some mod stuff! #1. Nelsean (81 points): Newly bestowed with the blue supermod power, Nelsean continues to spread both terror and delight in the hearts of UGers. He must be doing something right because he was voted the best staff member on UG for 2010, with no less than 81 points! Congratulations!

    Top Profiles

    For this category, we let UGers choose whoever they thought to have the nicest looking profile page on the website. Take a look at this gallery of pimped-out profile pages, and see who won! #5. stepco12345 (13 points): With a fully pimped out profile adapted to every season of the year, stepco12345 takes away the 5th place for best profile! Also, everyone congratulate him on becoming the latest UG staff member (also known as the noobie mod)! #4. Dirge Humani (20 points): With the amount of dedication Tyler puts into making profile editing easier for everyone, Tyler deserves some recognition for his HTML skills! His 4th place in this category is therefore well deserved. #3. ctb (27 points): This beardy British git is a true HTML whiz, and his profile page shows it. He regularly redesigns it and makes it look even better each time, so if you want to learn how to customise your profile to your liking, learn from the master! #2. ZeGuitarist (30 points): What, my name is here again? And in second place again, too! I guess I did things to my profile, yeah. But there's one person who did it better... #1. Carmel (34 points): Yes, godly powers can be used for shaping profile pages just as well as for shaping universes, it seems! With a combination of beautiful music, hilarious blogs and a pleasing-to-the-eye blue colour scheme (which has now been replaced with a Christmas theme!) make Carmel's profile a must-see.

    Top Musicians

    Finally, we let UG's users vote on who they think makes the best music of all the community. Rather than throwing them in with "Top Bands", we thought we'd let the UG community's amateur musicians shine in their own right by giving them their own category! And here are the winners: #5. Absent Mind (11 points): This GB&C regular was nominated by his fellow forum-goers for the interesting music clips he has featured on his profile, and regularly uploads to the Original Recordings forum... Be sure to check out his music! #4. StewieSwan (20 points): One of the best metal guitarists UG has to offer... His band, Frozen Eternity, is getting more and more succesful as well, and they have this guy's brilliant riffwork to thank! #3. Steve The Plank (22 points): Through extraordinary musicianship and support from UG, Steve The Plank's band "Sons of Icarus" (formerly known by most UGers as "The Fury") has rallied up a massive fanbase of UGers... which has ultimately resulted in him winning the prestigious and much coveted third place in the UG Xmas Awards! Congrats Steve! #2. ZeGuitarist (30 points): I'm in second again? Sure, I write music I suppose... But how many times does one have to come in second before he can finally win something? God. #1. CoreysMonster (50 points): With no less than 50 points, Kalium, CoreysMonster's musical alter ego, has taken away the grand prize in this category for 2010! This incredibly talented musician, who is also his own producer and manager, never ceases to amaze the community with his wonderful pieces of synth marvel! Keep it up, Kalium!

    So what are the prizes?

    Well, let's say we're keeping that a surprise for now! Rest assured, however, that the people listed above will receive their well-deserved prize for sure; and that these prizes will be more than worth the wait. I can promise you that! More info and updates will follow later. Stay tuned! For now, have a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year! Cheers! By ZeGuitarist Ultimate-Guitar.Com 2010
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