Top 11 Real Names of Musicians

Before the fame, there was the real name.

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Top 11 Real Names of Musicians

11. Marshall Bruce Mathers III / Eminem

10. Farrokh Bulsara / Freddie Mercury

9. Chaim Witz / Gene Simmons

8. John Simon Ritchie / Sid Vicious

7. Frank Ferranna Jr. / Nikki Sixx

6. Michael Peter Balzary / Flea

5. Paul David Hewson / Bono

4. James Osterberg Jr. / Iggy Pop

3. Reginald Kenneth Dwight / Elton John

2. Vincent Damon Furnier / Alice Cooper

1. Brian Hugh Warner / Marilyn Manson

Know more real names of famous musicians? Feel free to post them below.

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    Some of these guys are cute kids. I just want to pinch those cheeks! Simmons scares the crap out of me. Looks like a bully.
    He looks like he was part of the mafia, strangely. Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone sprang to mind when I saw the picture (don't know why, it just did)
    Simmons actually really looks like that kid from Miss Pererine's Home who is a right asshole at the beginning. And Marilyn Manson, weirdly enough, looks like the cutest of the lot.
    How about Brian Patrick Carroll/Buckethead
    How about Robert Allen Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) or Edward Louis Severson III (Eddie Vedder)
    Is it just me or does Chaim Witz sound like a rap name? Also Sid looks psycho as fuck. Looks like he wants to butcher and rape his therapist.