UG Amplified

date: 05/11/2011 category: features
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UG Amplified
UG Amplified is the community webzine of UG. It's written and produced entirely by users recruited from the forums, and can promote the extensive creative and intellectual talents of ordinary UGers. We've had a terrific response for the first issue - in 10 days we've had 40 people sign up, design the zine and fill it with content on subjects ranging from music to politics. Aside from the intelligent current affairs articles, informative lessons and insightful advice sections, the first issue also showcases several short stories and poems. It has been downloaded more than 1,000 times in just two days. Having made our maiden voyage, we're returning to the drawing board with a sackful of feedback, a weatherbeaten core staff and a hardened resolve to make the next issue the best it possibly can be. Do you want to write for UG Amplified? If you have something to write about, sign up. If you have a vision for what the zine could look like, sign up. If you have a comic or artwork in your head, sign up. We are now beginning work on the second issue, to be released in June, and you could be part of it. blue_strat Editor, UG Amplified
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