Ultimate-Guitar's Super-Cheap Halloween Costume Guide

date: 10/31/2011 category: features
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BOO! It's Halloween time, the brisk time of year when autumn falls into full swing and cheesy 80's horror films dominate cable television; the one day of year when kids are not only allowed, but encouraged to accept candy from complete strangers. It's also a day when unabashed debauchery is celebrated at Halloween parties across the country; interesting how girls somehow feel that dressing dangerously close to full-on nudity is a strict requirement, tweaking even the most tame costume (usually a cat) to become scantily clad. It's quite the spectacle. Plus this year, there's sure to be a good amount of tasteless pop-culture-referencing costumes Charlie Sheen, Amy Winehouse (too soon?), Steve Jobs (definitely too soon) and such tasteless costumes will inevitably get drunken chuckles from every "sexy cat" at the party. Now, for some, Halloween isn't a big deal. Being asked, "what are you going to be for Halloween?" 2-3 weeks early can become quite annoying if you're not that into it. Plus, it shouldn't take that much brainpower to think of a clever costume, and your hard-earned money should be spent on more useful items, such as guitar picks or the new Mastodon album. This year you may find yourself low on costume ideas. Ideally, you'll want to go as a musician of some kind, but are stumped/apathetic about being creative. If you don't know what to dress as on All-Hallows-Eve, you're in luck. This list provides some last-minute costume ideas, ideally utilizing household objects, inexpensive items and crap might you already own. So when your friends drag you out to the Delta Delta Epsilon's annual Halloween party or you're forced to take your little cousin's Boy Scout troop out trick-or-treating, you can quickly dress up as one of your favorite guitarists in little to no time at all. Plus, the sheer ingenuity of these costumes will undoubtedly make you the talk of the neighborhood. Let's take a look in the closet.

Rivers Cuomo

This one is easy. Essentially, all you need to complete the geek-chic image of the famed Weezer frontman is a pair of thick black-rimmed glasses. Just go to Wal-Mart, Target, CVS or Walgreens and find some cheap non-prescription frames. The thicker, the better. Then, simply don a pair of jeans and a track jacket of some kind and you're good to go. Strap on your guitar for added effect. You can also slick your hair back and wear an old suit to become Buddy Holly.

Fictional Member of Slipknot

The key to this costume is a jumpsuit. If you're at school, try talking to your janitor and see if he wouldn't mind lending you a spare jumpsuit for the night. Or, you could check out one of those cheap Halloween Superstores for a nondescript jumpsuit. The beauty of this costume is you don't even need an authentic Slipknot mask. Any mask will do; a Michael Myers mask, Teletubbies mask, random clown mask, the mask from the "Scream" movies...just slap a name tag with a random number on your jumpsuit and the costume is complete. You're now "#12," the 4th auxiliary percussionist for Slipknot. Costume can also apply to Mushroomhead.

Kurt Cobain

Step one: don't shave for three days. Step two: Find a shoulder-length blonde wig. Step 3: Put on a flannel shirt. That's all. Don't shower for additional aesthetic.


If you already happen to have long, curly black hair, a top hat, and a 1959 Les Paul, you can easily pull off the Slash look. If not, find a long, curly wig, wear any type of tight pants, and find a Santa Claus hat. Then, you can say you are Vunter Slaush, Slash's South Park-invented Christmastime alter ego.

Dimebag Darrell

All you need for Dimebag's signature getup is an old t-shirt, some Reebok shorts (for old Dime-style), cargo shorts (for late Dime-style), makeshift goatee with red highlights, and a long black-haired wig. If you don't happen to own a Dimebag signature Razorback guitar (one of your friends who pretends to play guitar probably has one) you can simply double fist a 2-liter bottle of Coke and some Crown Royal; not only will you look badass, but everyone will be begging for Black Tooth Grins all night!

Rock Tool

Inevitably, you'll see a good amount of Halloween D-bags walking the street in Jersey Shore costumes and the like. While less musically inclined people may dress up like mainstream entertainment's largest posers, why not dress up like rock and metal's biggest tool? Go for an oversized t-shirt, baggy pants, and Red Yankees cap. Turn it backward. You are now Fred Durst.


And finally, we have the cheapest costume of all: a band roadie. Rummage through your closet and find an old band t-shirt. Find an old Mars Volta t-shirt you bought three years ago? Voila, you are now Hank, The Mars Volta roadie. An old bandana or worn cap adds a garnish of authenticity. Be careful with this costume though, its power to attract loose women can be dangerous.
So there you have it some marginally cheap costume ideas for the crazy holiday we call Halloween. If you have any other suggestions for cool musician costumes, let us know in the comment section! Whatever you do tonight, be safe and try not to frighten little children. Have a great Halloween! By Zach Pino
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