Ultimate Guitar Products 2011: Master List

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To all of our shredders and songwriters, bassists, guitarists and singers alike: as we begin to bow out on the year that was 2011, we thought that now would be a good time to take a look back on some of the apps and services that Ultimate Guitar has released over the past year. We figured you may have gotten some nifty new Androids, iPhones and iPads over the holiday season, and if you've been wanting to fill your technological goodies up with some cool guitar resources, this is is a master list of all of 2011's UG Mobile apps so you can easily find the things you need and get straight to rocking out.

Mobile Apps

Here at UG, we think that one of the coolest aspects to mobile technologies is its portability, and whether you're a musician wanting to brush up on practice while out on tour or simply looking for chord sheets to sing your favorite tunes around the camp fire, we've been determined to make your guitar tools as mobile as the instrument itself. So, if you haven't yet heard what the Ultimate Guitar mobile apps have to offer, feel free to take a look!

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Since we launched our original Ultimate Guitar Tabs application back in 2009, it's never landed outside of Apple's Top Ten Music Apps list, kind of like how Dark Side of the Moon never left the Billboard Top Albums chart for 15 years (Okay, not quite like that, but still). This app is a one-stop shop for both aspiring musicians and seasoned professionals. It has pretty much anything you need a full UG tab archive, chords library, tuners and much more in one easy-to-use package. This year, we've seen 9 updates for the iPhone version of the app, 3 updates for the Android app, a Windows Phone 7 version was released, with an update for the OS Mango back in September. On top of that, we've added playlists for Favorites tabs, news updates section, totally rebuilt the app's engine and increased its loading speed. December 2011 marked the release of UG Tabs 2.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch (the same update for the Android platform is coming soon), which, amongst other features, added Tab Tools and Tab Pro as in-app purchases. While you can learn what's Tab Pro is all about, below are the features of the Tab Tools pack:
  • "Fit To Screen" feature, which makes Tabs easier to read on your device
  • Font customization capability
  • Air Print, allowing you to print Tabs on any AirPrint compatible printer We also added Ultimate Guitar's Guitar Tools into the package back in May.

    Ultimate Guitar HD

    Got an iPad? Back in March, we released Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD, a subscription-based application that allows you to access Ultimate-Guitar.com's database of over 300,000 guitar tabs, bass tabs, drum tablatures and chords from your iPad. Since we launched UGT HD, we've been working hard to work out the kinks. Updates for the app this year have included:
  • Auto-renewable subscription added this past fall.
  • Added playlists of Favorites tabs
  • A major update with a new Tab design and tabs formatting, making it easier to read tabs

    Tab Pro Mobile

    The company's proud, the mobile Tab Pro application first appeared in the US iTunes App Store on September 30th, and then became available worldwide less than a month ago. This is our most sophisticated app today, giving you access to over 200,000 interactive tabs and allowing to playback songs and switch between instruments. Tab Pro features include:
  • Supports the Tab Pro format, similar to Guitar Pro and Power Tab.
  • A database with over 200,000 interactive Tabs.
  • Playback. Playback tabs with real-sounding instruments.
  • Multitrack. Audio mixing in your hands, change volume on any instrument.
  • Chords shown above the corresponding beats.
  • Fretboard display. Get the perfect view of the notes' placement on each fret.

    Ultimate Guitar Tools

    Released in March as a separate application, Guitar Tools combines a top-quality guitar tuner, metronome and chord library together with your Ultimate Guitar Tabs app, giving you the ultimate set of guitar tools:
  • Guitar Tuner. Keep your instrument in tune using your device's built in microphone, or with our accurate Brain Tuner.
  • Metronome. Keep in time with a metronome full of features like fine tempo tuning, ability to set tempo by tapping, adjustable tempo signature, beat subdivision, 5 sound packs, and much more.
  • Chords Library display and playback chords from our beautiful and powerful chord library. Some of the features from Ultimate Guitar Tools are pretty sweet, right? If you don't need to buy the whole set, you can buy them individually. The tuner, metronome and chords features of the Ultimate Guitar suite are all still available as separate apps:
  • Ultimate Guitar Chords
  • Ultimate Guitar Metronome
  • Ultimate Guitar Tuner

    UG Plus

    Back on June 1st, Ultimate Guitar released a suite of several services aimed to help you take your playing to the next level. Ultimate Guitar Plus incorporated two awesome kits for the budding axe-man: Jam Guru and Tab Pro:

    Tab Pro

    Tab Pro offers users an advanced level of access to Ultimate Guitar's extensive library of tabs. You can view, learn and play along with UG's huge database of high-quality tabs directly on the site without buying or downloading any additional software. Use Tab Pro's advanced features to customize how you view the musical notation so you can adjust the display to your liking.


    Jam Guru is an app that lets you use a real guitar to play-along with high-quality tablature and specially-produced audio recordings, and provides valuable feedback on your performance so you can learn songs more quickly and with ease.

    Ad Free

    Finally, for those of you who love Ultimate Guitar, but hate all of the ads, there's Ultimate Guitar Ad Free. When you subscribe, you will not see any ads on any page or any content created or hosted by Ultimate Guitar. It's been a great year for Ultimate Guitar's apps and services and we've got a whole load more exciting updates planned for 2012! Our goal is to provide you with plenty of resources so you can grow as guitarists, and hopefully, these apps can be of use to you. So if you're a fellow six-string slinger with a New Year's Resolution to refine your chops, now may be a cool time to check out our interactive apps, designed to get your playing to any level you want!
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