Visual & Music Pt. 2: Awful Albums With Awesome Cover Art

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Visual & Music Pt. 2: Awful Albums With Awesome Cover Art
So after we delved into the domain of classic rock and metal albums with dreadful cover art last week, we'll do the opposite one for this week.

Granted, it's a bit more tricky to find truly amazing artwork with horrid music inside, but a few anti-gems can still be singled out, and you can check them out below.

Metallica - "St. Anger"

The massively-bashed "St. Anger" is clearly not a fan favorite, although the album's quality is certainly a debatable matter. However, the cover artwork is pretty top-notch, with most of the fans agreeing about it's quality.

Nickelback - "All the Right Reasons"

When awful music is discussed, it's difficult not to mention Nickelback. However, not even the most hardcore Nickelback haters can call the "All the Right Reasons" artwork awful, and many will dub it plain awesome.

Yes - "Tales From Topographic Oceans"

As an avid Yes fan, I have a major problem with "Tales From Topographic Oceans." Hailed as a masterpiece by many fans, I just can't get into it and find it mind-numbingly boring after multiple listens. If you could point out something that might change my mind, please do so in the comments. Much like most of the band's covers, this one's also quite beautiful.

Puddle of Mudd - "Come Clean"

Puddle of Mudd aren't exactly associated with quality music, but the "Come Clean" cover is pretty damn awesome.

Megadeth - "Super Collider"

Getting back to the metal domain, Megadeth's "Super Collider" was mostly bashed by fans and critics. The record's quality can be debated, but the artwork deserves nothing but praises.

Jethro Tull - "Roots to Branches"

Prog rock legends Jethro Tull have a few stinkers in their opus, but what makes "Roots to Branches" different from the rest is a rather nice cover.

If you were a music lover back in the day, have you ever bought a record based solely on the cover and got utterly disappointed? If the answer's yes, share the story with us below.
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