What Sophomore Slump? - Part 2

date: 05/05/2014 category: features
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What Sophomore Slump? - Part 2
Here are seven more examples of great sophomore albums, that fared sufficiently better than the associated artist's debut release.

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1. The All-American Rejects - "Move Along"

Here is an example of an album doing exactly twice as well on the charts as the band's preceding effort, mainly due to the strength of "Move Along"'s three massive hit singles.

2. Queens Of The Stone Age - "Rated R"

It may seem hard to believe in this day and age, but this band wasn't always a success. "Rated R" was their second album, first to be released on a major label and first to get them any sort of attention in the music world.

3. Rainbow - "Rising"

The second Rainbow album, featuring just two of the musicians from the group's previous release, may still be the fans and critics favorite.

4. ABBA - "Waterloo"

I get it, this isn't a rock album, but you have to understand even now, ABBA are the most popular musical act to ever come out of Sweden and this album started it all for them.

5. Loverboy - "Get Lucky"

This pop/rock group had their biggest hit with this album's iconic "Working for the Weekend."

6. Slade - "Slayed?"

Included on the list of 1001 albums to hear before you die and also consistently said by critics to be Slade's finest work, this album featured "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" a song that like so many others by the band, would later be covered by Quiet Riot.

7. Megadeth - "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?"

Though their debut record attracted a rather good amount of attention, "Peace Sells..." was a far greater success, certified Platinum in the USA and Canada.

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