What Would Life Be Like With Background Music

date: 07/18/2013 category: features
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What Would Life Be Like With Background Music
Okay, so I was sitting in my room thinking about music. Then I started to think about what song would be playing if there was background music. That got me started thinking about life with background music, like in movies. I mean, when watching a movie, no matter what is going on, they always find a song that goes perfectly with it. So for all of you people who are reading this, at the end, I will ask a question for you guys to answer down in the comments. Alrighty then. I'm going to put two different sides to this. The up side, and the down side. Well here we go...

The Up Side:

Okay, I personally would love to have background music. I think it would just be the coolest thing in the world. I'm going to list a few good things that would be if there was background music in everyday life. 1. We would have music every day, all the time. We would never go without hearing a song. 2. We would be able to stop having songs stuck in our head. I mean, song constantly playing, no time to have a song stuck in your head. 3. No more searching for a good song. 4. For people who when listening to music makes them feel better, you will always have that escape from anger or sadness right there with you. 5. (Just for the heck of saying it) You would know when you were in trouble. Like if you were home alone and you hear a noise, then you hear a creepy background music, you know your in trouble/danger.

The Down Side:

Okay, you may not agree with these that I list here, but some people might. 1. Music 24/7 might get annoying. 2. Some songs you might not like may come on, and there would be nothing you could do about it. 3. Listening to sad songs when you are sad (or songs like what you are feeling), would only make you feel worse. 4. You would never be able to concentrate. The music would be too much of a distraction. 5. There would never be peace and quite. Every now and then you enjoy the silence. Well, there you have it, reasons I found of why background music would be a good or a bad thing. Now for the question I mentioned in the beginning.

Do you think life would be good or bad with background music and why?

Tell me what you think, I want to know your opinion.
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