Why Do People Love Music

date: 07/09/2013 category: features
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Why Do People Love Music
I was wondering why people love music so much. I decided to do a little research and let you guys know what I found. I found. Then I want to ask you a question.

1. An Escape.

A lot of people find that music can make them forget about everything around them. They forget about what they are feeling, and they just feel better when listening to the music they love. They say it is an escape. Christopher said: "Music for me is an escape from daily life. If i am having a bad day I listen to some of my heavy metal if i am feeling fun i will play some punk rock and bounce around my apartment if I am feeling light hearted i will play some U2." Bulbasaurus Rex. said: "Music feeds my ears. It keeps me going. Music is my everything. It's my escape.. It has brought me out of the darkest of times.. It inspires me.." lazy panda :D said: "I think it's important to me because it lets me escape my worries, and focus on the songs." Jasanin said: "I love music because it is one of the only things that makes sense in the world. It expresses emotion, deep meanings, it helps soothe me. Music is my escape. I can immerse myself in a song and everything will seem better. It's also a creative outlet...there's just too many reasons to list." There were many other people who went along with similar things to say, but enough with that reason.

2. Helps Get Through Emotions.

Everyone goes through different emotions, just depending on the person of how they deal with them. While looking through different peoples reasons for their love of music, a lot of them mentioned how they love listening to it when they are down or mad. They said it helps them forget why they were feeling the way they were, and it helps them feel happy inside. Taryn Nicole said: "I love music because it helps me get through how I feel. Music for me is how I self-medicate myself. Without it, I don't know how I would deal with my feelings." 3/776~ΨρנατσΨ~ said: "I love music because it gives me a kind of outlet to release my feelings and thats also why its important to me." 0o0SatansEmoChild0o0 said: "I love music because sometimes it can understand the things your going through..the emotions you are feeling." meganator said: "i love music cause for me depending on the genre it either creates a new emotion or takes it away i like screamo and alternitive cause it makes me have like no feeling i could be super sad or pissed the andn i listen to some screamo and it just goes away. its important to me cause idrk its im my life i love it i cant really survive without it i need it to function." Moving on.

3. The Way It Sounds & Helps To Relax.

Okay, so this is the last reason I'm going to do before asking a question. We all know that one main reason we started listening to music is because we liked the way it sounds. If we didn't like the way it sounded, then why would we listen to it. Well, that is one reason people love it so much. 0o0SatansEmoChild0o0 also said: "Plus it's a pleasure to the ears :)" And when you are listening to it, don't you just become relaxed, well StarStruckk Is A Monstur!!! sure does. That was his reason for his love for music. He said, "To me it does relax me a lot. its like better than sex." Okay, those were just a few of the reasons people said for why they love music. And like I said in the beginning, I have a question I want to ask you. Why Do You Love Music? Please comment to let me know what your love for music is. I really want to know.
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