Why Modern Songwriters/Lyricists Suck

date: 04/16/2014 category: features
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Why Modern Songwriters/Lyricists Suck
Greetings, people! Johnny Andrew here! I don't know if I can call this a lesson... Maybe something like a hate post towards modern music and publishers! Ok UG, just kidding, please don't delete my post! :D You can say, it's something that can make us think, so it could end up as a lesson, after all! 

I'm now listening to Scar Symmetry - "Slaves to the Subliminal" (Yeah \m/). I'm not the biggest fan of death metal, but certain bands attract me and this particular band always makes me think and turn philosophical! While listening carefully to their music and lyrics, I asked myself, "why isn't everything like that?"... I don't mean that everything should be death metal, but everything could at least offer something more to music and help things evolve... 

Ok, now let's speak more in general. How many times have you listened to an album of your favourite genre, that doesn't make you feel anything? How many times have you listened to songs that exist only to "fill the empty space" of an album? How many times have you listened to songs that do not make any sense, lyrically and musically? Songs that are just a bunch of riffs? Songs that exist only to impress, technically? And last but not least, how many times do you HEAR music and not LISTEN to music? The answer is "probably a lot more times that you can think of right now."

And how come a song can't make someone feel something? How can it make us feel?

1) What does the song support?

A musician is someone who expresses himself through his music. So, he must have something to say! He must have a reason to write for! No, money and fame is not a reason. Let's admit it, these things don't exist nowadays (or if they exist, they are temporary). We don't live in the '80s anymore. 

Every person has its own role and reason in existence. A musician (an artist, if you may) is a person who searches or may have found something in life and wants to share it with the world! He also wants the world to see for itself and not just follow him to gigs.

2) Lyrics and feel

Many lyrics of modern songs are written by a lot of lyricists together. I am not talking only about the modern pop "hit" songs... But pop artists have overdone this! How can a three-minute song repeat one word on half of its duration? I don't mean the repetition is bad... Rage Against The Machine DID repeat their lyrics many times in a song and no one ever complained... And why would someone need 5-6 lyricists just to repeat one word? Maybe, you're doing it wrong, guys... And just stop this "love" thing, could you? Why do you make the most important thing in life seem so stupid and fake? This is just wrong. 

3) Music and feel

I'm an instrumental guitarist and I just love instrumentals. But I hate showing off. Songs with abnormal titles, thousands of notes in the song, ridiculously simple backing track, extreme technique, heavy-as-hell rhythm guitars, etc... Be sincere and answer the following, please... Is there a story? Are all these well-connected? Is this a debut album/song? Maybe a first try to see how it goes? If at least one answer is "yes," then... AWESOME! You are my new god! If all answers are "no," go to No.1. Simple as that. 

4) Theory

If you surf the YouTube, you'll probably find MANY people with amazing talents. But talent is only a small portion... It needs a lot of practice and work to actually tell a story with your song. This means, spending time reading books, spending time learning theory, spending time to apply theory. You NEED theory! There are lots of people that think talent is everything, but I'll just say this: What are the odds of you being the next Mozart? I really pray with all my heart the next Mozart reads this and make a damn change!

5) Listener's side

Hey, listener! Yes, you! You're called like this because you LISTEN! You don't just HEAR music... If you'd go to a museum, would you just look at the paintings or would you observe them? So, why don't you do that with music, too? Isn't it worth it? Well, how will you know its worth if you don't listen to it? Don't forget your role in this game... Shouldn't we stop blaming the "bad guys" that "just want to sell" and take the blame for once?

Well, that's it... I didn't count how many Scar Symmetry songs I've listened until now... haha! Probably going to sleep, so... 

Thanks for reading! See ya next time!

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