11 Linkin Park Songs Earned Platinum Certificates Since Chester's Death

"What I've Done" is officially the band's most successful song.

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11 Linkin Park Songs Earned Platinum Certificates Since Chester's Death

11 Linkin Park songs have received platinum-single certifications from the RIAA since the death of Chester Bennington, Blabbermouth reports.

Specifically, "One Step Closer," "Waiting for the End" and "Leave Out All the Rest" earned their first platinum records, while "What I've Done," "Bleed It Out," "Shadow of the Day," "New Divide," "In the End," "Numb," "Burn It Down" and the Jay-Z collaboration "Numb/Encore" got multi-platinum certifications.

"What I've Done," the first single off 2007's "Minutes to Midnight" received a five-times-platinum certificate, making it the band's most commercially successful song, although not necessarily their most well-known track.

Chester left us on July 20.

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    It's sad to say but... death is profitable...
    Unfortunately you're right, even people who have never heard a note of Chester's music must have been curious enough to listen once they heard about his passing. I just don't like how we award individual songs these awards, people should have to go out and buy the album.
    I never understood the hate that MTM seems to get. "What I've Done", "Bleed it Out" I mean I think it stands right up there with Meteora and HT
    it's just such a different album from those previous 2. surprisingly, i came back to MTM when i was older and was having relationship and life woes and felt more connected to the album and it helped me appreciate it finally. i was initially one of those people that hated the album.
    M2M was the last one I got into until Living Things (and then I left them again). Same kind of thing for me, except the timing was right that Living Things came out when I was old enough to experience more of the things that they tackle. Very different sound, but it was so fitting to me.
    You should give a Thousand Suns a chance. Its my favorite album of theirs, granted I'm not the biggest nu metal fan so I didn't like their early albums like most.
    The spoken word stuff along with the weird toolesque interludes kind of ruins the flow for me. Some solid songs are on there though
    Yeah ATS somehow overtime became my absolute favorite album by them. It's just so unique and amazing
    I tried it back when, and just couldn't dig it, but it's been a long time, so I'll give it another spin and see if it clicks for me now.
    I'm with you, MTM took a little while to really soak in, and once it did it became one of the Linkin Park albums a revisit the most
    I loved MTM when I was a kid, that was actually the album that got me into LP. However, I later realised it's probably their most incoherent record in terms of musical styles, sounds and overall songwriting. I revisited MTM recently and the best way I could describe it is probably "a compilation of mostly great songs". I mean, I love the majority of the songs on the album (mostly the hits, but "Hands Held High" or "The Little Things..." are wonderful gems), but the record as a whole is painfully hard to listen, because it's just so shattered.
    I agree - I thought it was way different from the previous 2 when it came out, but in a good way. Their last solid album in my opinion.
    Apart from those songs, plus like "Given Up" and "No more Sorrow", its a pretty weak album. Hands held heig, shadow of the day, leave it out to the rest, in pieces are pretty weak.
    Bleed It Out has a nice riff, during the bridge, but What I've Done is just anodyne. I don't like the album as much as HT,M or ATS; it has some decent tracks, but it was the start of their descent into completely nondescript music: What I've done being the epitome of that really.
    My foursome Linkin Park album: Hybrid, Meteora, M2M, Hunting.
    Waiting for the End is such a cool song. Glad to see it get recognized more, but too bad it wasn't when the guy was still alive.
    sooooo, people are phonies
    Are referring to people dogging on them, then in loss -  changing their opinion? Human nature, just plain old human nature.
    I personally know people that hated one more light when I came out and now they seem to love the thing. I own a copy of one more light but my opinion of that album hasn't changed just because of Chester death.
    This is probably going to get a lot of criticism, but my favorite LP album has to be One More Light. I saw them live in Amsterdam last June, and when they actually played the song One More Light, I was literally about to cry. I love that song so much and since Chester sang it for Chris, a lot of the LP community sings it for Chester now. Feel free to give me criticism, but my opinion will not change. Thank you.
    The death cult strikes again. Same reason "The Dark Knight" did so well, despite being a mediocre sequel. Maybe give living artists that attention, hmm?
    They are all good songs. I thought most of us had them all already!
    Hybrid Theory, and Mersea got me thru alot of crap, I was going through. And after that I stopped listening, to LP not completely I would check in every now and then. I was lucky 🍀 enough to see them live and the sets were AMAZING best live band without a doubt. Can't believe I won't be able to go to LP concert again gutted. IMO
    Look up John podesta/chester bennington connection (on youtube) to see why him and chris cornell were really murdered. DO NOT believe the utter garbage being tosses around the mainstream media use your heads, who controls the music industry and who controls the pedophilia rings? find out for yourselves.
    Like really the guy had 6 kids (i think) and if you go on his social media and review it following his death he seems like an extremely uplifting and energetic/fun guy (even though politically i disagree with him). I know about depression as do many of you im sure and its pretty fucking hard to hide depression from other people including yourself when you actually ARE really depressed. it didnt and does not seem like chester had much depression issues but then again im not him how would I know. It seems like he had trauma from being sexually molested as a younger person but he had essentially moved past it like many people I know and had a family and really moved foward with his life. Why would somebody like that just kill themselves? He had everything the world could give him but he still wanted to die? Seem fishy to any of you yet?
    gilemas · Aug 12, 2017 08:28 AM
    I listened to Linkin Park backwards as it would seem. My first album I heard was M2M so maybe my opinion is biased? I dunno but there aren't many LP albums that I don't like.
    First album I heard was living things and then ats. I went back to there older albums and found hybrid theroy to be their weakest especially compared to living things and hunting party.
    Hybrid Theory their weakest? Interesting view if nothing else! Yeah, I liked about half the songs on Hybrid Theory and Meteora was my favourite. I like most later works apart from the hunting party, sounded too grungy for me.