1979 Who Tickets Good For 2013 Rhode Island Concert

Fans still holding tickets for a canceled 1979 show in Rhode Island by British rock band The Who can finally use them.

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The Who's 1979 concert in Providence was canceled by then-Mayor Buddy Cianci, who cited safety concerns after a stampede before a show in Cincinnati, Ohio, killed 11 people. The band hasn't been to Providence since. The Who this week announced it will end its latest tour in Providence on Feb. 26 at the same venue where its show was canceled 33 years ago, now called the Dunkin Donuts Center. General Manager Lawrence Lepore said on Thursday the venue will honor tickets from the canceled 1979 show. Lepore said many ticketholders got refunds for the canceled show in 1979, but others may have held on to their tickets as memorabilia. "Somewhere, someplace, someone's got it stashed," he said. "The question is, are they willing to give that up? If they are, we're willing to take it."

He first made the offer on WPRO-AM, which then asked listeners to call if they still had a 1979 ticket. No one did. The highest price ticket at the 1979 show was $14, Lepore said. Tickets for February's show range from $57.50 to $127.50. Lepore said 1979 ticketholders can call his office to make the exchange. Any 1979 tickets redeemed will be donated to help raise money for the Special Olympics of Rhode Island.

Thanks to Billboard for the report.

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    Now people will start digging through their crap to find these little slips of paper from 30 years ago. That show "Hoarders" is gonna have a field day.
    I would be amazed if anyone held on to their tickets when they could have gotten a refund.
    I saw the Who in '79 in Oakland. It was an awful show, felt like they were just going through the motions. Can I get my $14 back?
    Great to see the strong loyalty to fans by honoring tickets that are decades old! Can't wait for the documentary tomorrow night and the Fall tour. Watch this awesome trailer: