2013 Grammy Nominees Revealed

Artists including Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Iron Maiden and Muse have been nominated for Grammy awards. See the full list of rock nominees here.

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The 2013 Grammy nominees have been revealed.

They were whittled down from over 17,000 entrants, with the Recording Academy placing their final votes for the winners by December 19.

There will be fierce competition in the rock categories, listed below, which pit artists old and new against each other.

"The Grammy Awards process once again has produced a diverse and impressive list of nominations across multiple genres," said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy (via Blabbermouth). "This year's nominees truly represent an exceptional and vibrant creative community that exemplifies some of the highest levels of artistry and excellence in their respective fields. Combined with the fifth year of our primetime nominations special, we're off to an exciting start on the road to Music's Biggest Night, the 55th annual Grammy Awards, on February 10."

See the Grammy nominees here, and let us know about better artists who missed the cut in the comments.

Album Of The Year:

"El Camino" - The Black Keys "Some Nights" - FUN. "Babel" - Mumford & Sons "Channel Orange" - Frank Ocean "Blunderbuss" - Jack White

Best Rock Performance:

"Hold On" - Alabama Shakes "Lonely Boy" - The Black Keys "Charlie Brown" - Coldplay "I Will Wait" - Mumford & Sons "We Take Care Of Our Own" - Bruce Springsteen

Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance:

"I'm Alive" - Anthrax "Love Bites (So Do I)" - Halestorm "Blood Brothers" - Iron Maiden "Ghost Walking" - Lamb Of God "No Reflection" - Marilyn Manson "Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)" - Megadeth

Best Rock Album:

"El Camino" - The Black Keys "Mylo Xyloto" - Coldplay "The 2nd Law" - Muse "Wrecking Ball" - Bruce Springsteen "Blunderbuss" - Jack White

Best Rock Song:

"Freedom At 21" - Jack White "I Will Wait" - Mumford & Sons "Lonely Boy" - The Black Keys "Madness" - Muse "We Take Care Of Our Own" - Bruce Springsteen

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    I legitimately hope Channel Orange wins best album. It's absolutely incredible, I still listen to it every day. I didn't expect to like a Frank Ocean album but this was by far the best release of the year.
    Rush's Clockwork Angels not being nominated for "Best Rock Album" is obnoxious.. Hope Muse or Mr. White win.
    Best album of the year for me was The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten, sadly no nominations for them though.
    "Love Bites (So Do I)" - Halestorm So happy this is on the list! I love Halestorm!
    Sleez Boy
    It's expected, but better than the Golden Rod I mean God awards that Revolver has made.
    It's a pity that less well known bands don't get recognition at these sorts of events - but then I lost faith in the Grammys a long time ago. IMHO the albums of the year were Devin Townsend's 'Epicloud', Astra's 'The Black Chord' and Ihsahn's 'Eremita'.
    Blood Brothers came out on Brave New World in like 2000. Is this a live performance being nominated or something?
    I hope Muse wins...even though I'd nominated another song from The 2nd Law for best rock song...I love 'Madness' but Supremacy or Panic Station rock more!
    How is Mumford & Sons nominated for both Best Rock Performance and Best Americana Album? Didn't realize that could happen. A little disappointed there were no nominations for The Gaslight Anthem or Deftones, but they don't need the Grammy's to validate their excellence.
    If this is going off 2011 releases then that makes a bit more sense but if not, why was Koi No Yokan or Leathers/Tempest/Rosemary not mentioned?
    Everyone's really pissy over the fact that Mylo Xyloto got nominated..... Why? It's an alternative rock album, from an alternative rock band, that happens to be popular.... Settle down everyone.
    False! cold play is not an alternative rock band. They are Brit pop. Which is a type of not 100% annoying pop, but still pop
    Gotta love how none of the acts in the Rock category rock. Mumford and Sons don't rock, black keys don't rock, Coldplay suck and do not rock...this sounds like it was picked by Rolling Stone or MTV... ~Vote With A Bullet~
    this is just evidence that pop music now a days blows. of course i am not talking about megadeth the rule but everyone else sucks
    I would like to see LoG take this one home....could give the whole Randy situation more attention....
    Gosh. Loved the Jack White album, but Freedom at 21 was easily the worst song on that album. I would have most certainly thought that the grammy nomination (if any at all) from that album would have been Sixteen Saltines or Love Interruption
    as for Maiden I think that theyre basing that nomintaion off the new live album "en vivo". This is just my opinion on this part, but they shoulda gone with Dance of Death. Im a big Iron Maiden fan but Blood Brothers is old and well i never really liked it honestly.
    Well at least Bieber wasn't nominated for any awards, there is some hope left for humanity.
    I always get the feeling that they don't even listen to the albums. It seems to me like they pick the acts that seem to be popular and then the first single off the record that came out that year. It's kind of disappointing because I've always felt that the grammys is something that music fans should enjoy watching but I always end up feeling like I'm at a boring club when I watch the grammys. Every once in awhile there are cool performances but for the most part it's a boring ordeal.
    Why is Madness up for best rock song? It's the least rock-y on the album! Supremacy or Panic Station, surely?
    Agreed, I'd go for Follow Me over the others personally. Also, if Coldplay win best rock album, people will die.
    My pics would be: Blunderbuss (Jack White) for Album Of The Year Ghost Walking (Lamb Of God) for Best Metal Performance Blunderbuss (Jack White) for Best Rock Album Freedom at 21 (Jack White) for Best Rock Song I can't think of a pick for the Best Rock Performance... all the entries made me... sleep.
    Maybe because Panic Station and Supremacy haven't been released as singles yet so had to pick something. Otherwise, totally agree, And since when as Mumford and son's been regarded as a rock act?
    besides, the last few years, each time, LoG, Megadeth AND Iron Maiden have been nominated. Not searching elsewhere much? Not saying i don't like the bands, they're ****ing amazing, but still. I feel like there could be other better songs to be nominated. The grammies just suck anyway, and rock/metal winners aren't aired during the ceremonies.
    Well it's better than the Hall of Fame nominations. I hope Lamb of God wins this time.
    Black Keys will win their categories. Ghost Walking should win out of those nominations for BMP
    El Camino, and Some Nights are easily the best albums. blunderbuss is horribly over rated, and babel did not live up to it's predecessor. Alabama Shakes *deserves* to win best performance, but i think it'll go to lonely boy (which is sad, little black submarines is the single best song on that album) Every metal track up there is shit, i could care. either the Black Keys or Muse will take album I think Lonely boy takes song.
    Metal will always go by level of General Public popularity. So the order of votes will probably be: Manson Iron Maiden / Anthrax Megadeth Lamb of God Halestorm It's always never even a top 5 song from that Band's last CD. Personally, I think Ghost Walking should win because it's still quite metal, but has a LOT of commercial flare to it. Acoustic intro Catchy lyrics (not too heavy) A super colorful solo A hit Music Video on MTV It should be the clear cut winner for both where metal is as a community today, and where it's looks to be in the future where we hear more and more stuff LIKE that on radio stations not dedicated to 100% metal.
    I think you're overstating how popular Manson is right now. He hasn't had much commercial success lately and even his diehard fanbase doesn't like his recent music that much.
    It doesn't matter. Most historically popular band always wins at the Grammy's....even if they didn't release an album that same year. Slayer won 2 years in a row, and one was for a bonus song that wasn't even on the original Chist Illusions CD.
    Slayer are widely influential on a level that Marilyn Manson never was nor will be; there are tons of bands currently active who cite them as a major influence (including a band competing with Manson for the Grammy this year). Manson, meanwhile, is completely and utterly irrelevant today. That's why I don't see him winning this year.
    My general point is that I think you're confusing historical popularity with widespread acknowledgement of influence. Slayer has that, Manson doesn't. If you don't have that, then you need to have a mainstream buzz surrounding you. Manson doesn't have that either.
    But my point with the Grammy's is It Doesn't Matter :haha: They treat the metal category like garbage almost every year. I have a right to have no faith in the Grammy voting commitee!
    Channel Orange Lonely Boy Whose Life (Is It Anyways?) Either El Camino or Wrecking Ball, can't decide Lonely Boy I know a lot of UG isn't really into the whole modern R&B/Hip-Hop thing, but Channel Orange was a damn good album
    Halestorm? You've gotta be kidding me.. That song made people cry(so did I)
    Halestorm? You've gotta be kidding me.. That song makes people cry(so do I) Ghost Walking it is \m/
    the nominees all seem the same. although i'd love it if Megadeth finally won a goddamn grammy, as stupid as the awards are, although, i don't feel that Whose Life is even close to the best song on Th1rt3en. And didn't Public Enemy No. 1 already get nominated last year? Should've nominated Never Dead I'd pick Megadeth anyway, or Lamb of God, because, like bdof said, Ghost Walking kicks ass, and has commercial flare to it. very well put.
    Save 2/3 of the "Hard Rock/Metal" category, non of that rocks in anyway shape or form!