2013 Grammy Nominees Revealed

Artists including Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Iron Maiden and Muse have been nominated for Grammy awards. See the full list of rock nominees here.

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The 2013 Grammy nominees have been revealed.

They were whittled down from over 17,000 entrants, with the Recording Academy placing their final votes for the winners by December 19.

There will be fierce competition in the rock categories, listed below, which pit artists old and new against each other.

"The Grammy Awards process once again has produced a diverse and impressive list of nominations across multiple genres," said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy (via Blabbermouth). "This year's nominees truly represent an exceptional and vibrant creative community that exemplifies some of the highest levels of artistry and excellence in their respective fields. Combined with the fifth year of our primetime nominations special, we're off to an exciting start on the road to Music's Biggest Night, the 55th annual Grammy Awards, on February 10."

See the Grammy nominees here, and let us know about better artists who missed the cut in the comments.

Album Of The Year:

"El Camino" - The Black Keys "Some Nights" - FUN. "Babel" - Mumford & Sons "Channel Orange" - Frank Ocean "Blunderbuss" - Jack White

Best Rock Performance:

"Hold On" - Alabama Shakes "Lonely Boy" - The Black Keys "Charlie Brown" - Coldplay "I Will Wait" - Mumford & Sons "We Take Care Of Our Own" - Bruce Springsteen

Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance:

"I'm Alive" - Anthrax "Love Bites (So Do I)" - Halestorm "Blood Brothers" - Iron Maiden "Ghost Walking" - Lamb Of God "No Reflection" - Marilyn Manson "Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)" - Megadeth

Best Rock Album:

"El Camino" - The Black Keys "Mylo Xyloto" - Coldplay "The 2nd Law" - Muse "Wrecking Ball" - Bruce Springsteen "Blunderbuss" - Jack White

Best Rock Song:

"Freedom At 21" - Jack White "I Will Wait" - Mumford & Sons "Lonely Boy" - The Black Keys "Madness" - Muse "We Take Care Of Our Own" - Bruce Springsteen

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    Why is Madness up for best rock song? It's the least rock-y on the album! Supremacy or Panic Station, surely?
    Maybe because Panic Station and Supremacy haven't been released as singles yet so had to pick something. Otherwise, totally agree, And since when as Mumford and son's been regarded as a rock act?
    Agreed, I'd go for Follow Me over the others personally. Also, if Coldplay win best rock album, people will die.
    My pics would be: Blunderbuss (Jack White) for Album Of The Year Ghost Walking (Lamb Of God) for Best Metal Performance Blunderbuss (Jack White) for Best Rock Album Freedom at 21 (Jack White) for Best Rock Song I can't think of a pick for the Best Rock Performance... all the entries made me... sleep.
    I hope that Megadeth or Anthrax wins
    yeah, and i hope that UG will take time to filter what goes on the front page news. also anyone notice the variation aside from the metal category is pathetically limited to the same bands
    Yeah, this is going to be a travesty any way it goes down. There are only, like, two or three acceptable songs on this list. One more thing, how the FREAKING HELL is Mylo Xoloto a FREAKING ROCK ALBUM
    And I love how Frank Ocean is suddenly relevant to the grammy's and pop in general because he came out on twitter. It's not like it changes his music or matters to his craft, but suddenly he's relevant.
    He's relevant to pop because he released a pop album that was widely received this year, by everyone. The "coming out" conjecture is commonly used when referring to this album, which is funny, since he only really said that a song he wrote was about his close relationship with a man in the past. The production and vocals on this release are beyond ignorable, and I would prefer if you didn't go spouting ignorance just because the man is getting recognized for an achievement. Kthnx
    It's not like I said that I cared about the guy being gay or anything. I'm just saying Gawker doesn't put you on the home page for releasing an album. They put you on the home page because you came out on Twitter. I don't really know if the album is good or not, but it just proves to me how fickle and trend oriented the Grammys are. I don't have anything in particular against Ocean, but I do think he would have been ignored by the Grammys without the whole gay thing.
    have you listened to channel orange? its a pretty cool album
    R and B is not my thing, but he does show great ability in the limited tracks I have heard. My comments were not meant to be gay-bashing or anti Frank Ocean. I was just trying to say that the grammy nomination came because of controversy rather than merits of the album. To me this reflects poorly on the Grammys NOT necessarily his album.
    I wish BTBAM would be recognized, but the grammies don't like Prog or other genres of metal.
    Iron maiden will win sadly, its quite much obvious...
    Despite the thumbs down i agree, even when Iron Maiden do no touring or release an album they still manage to win just about everything they enter!
    Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance: Blood Brothers - Iron Maiden ..... As in blood brothers from their 2000 album Brave New World?
    The version from En Vivo was nominated, not the studio version. It's kinda weird, but eh, I love the song.
    Muse will win Rock Album of the year. Its a sympathy vote. Doubt White will get something..
    im truy surprised Tremonti All I Was isnt on here. that sure is a rockin ablum. but yeah muse will get the vote from non rockers most likely
    Megadeth is an awesome band but Whose Life (Is It Anyways?) is one of the worst songs they have ever written so it doesn't surprise me that they picked it. I'm alive deserves to win though
    Diony x
    Why there are Coldplay and Muse in the Best Rock Album category??.... Clockwork Angels maybe?
    Because Muse made a rock album... have you listened to it besides Madness? Coldplay in the Rock Album/Rock Performance category though is a laughable matter.
    Blunderbuss - Lonely Boy - Whose Life (Is It Anyways?) - Blunderbuss - Freedom at 21. And let the downvotes begin...
    Seniority is usually a factor in these awards, so chances are Springsteen and Maiden will win. Also, I predict that Blunderbuss will win the album of the year title since Jack White seems to be the most prominent performer of the five nominated. Also, i'm not entirely sure why Maiden is nominated. I wasn't aware that they released an album this year, or a song. I was aware of all the others, but I hadn't heard anything about Maiden, which is surprising since usually anything to do with Maiden gets thrust into my line of vision (most times unwillingly).
    At least Steven Wilson was nominated for best 5.1 mix (as Storm Corrosion). The categories listed here all look awful.
    I had a feeling that those would be the albums that would show up, but I was really hoping to see Rush, Stone Sour, or Soundgarden, they made some really solid albums this year.
    yh thought seeing soundgarden up there would have been good but i dont think it was there best effort by far i mean it was solid but not really award winning, havnt checked out rushes new stuff yet i really should im a huge fan
    Josh Reubenking
    The Grammy's are a joke. They never show rock and metal awards on tv anyways. All they show are pop and rap bullshit. Fuck the AMA's, Grammy's, and all other award shows like this.
    I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that either Megadeth wins because of how many times they've been snubbed (and tradition the past couple of years has been they pick people who haven't won before), or Lamb of God after all the stuff with Randy.
    Blunderbuss gets my vote. Except Freedom at 21, not the best song on the album. I"m kind of bummed Florence and the Machine isn't getting anything.
    Hope Lamb of God wins so the media might report on Randy's Czechoslovakian nightmare.
    I will go to this website so i can make 71$ an hour on the computer!!!! Said no one ever.
    the nominees all seem the same. although i'd love it if Megadeth finally won a goddamn grammy, as stupid as the awards are, although, i don't feel that Whose Life is even close to the best song on Th1rt3en. And didn't Public Enemy No. 1 already get nominated last year? Should've nominated Never Dead I'd pick Megadeth anyway, or Lamb of God, because, like bdof said, Ghost Walking kicks ass, and has commercial flare to it. very well put.
    Well at least Bieber wasn't nominated for any awards, there is some hope left for humanity.
    Hmm...Some acts on there are good, but I'm starting to wonder where the borders for metal and rock are.
    besides, the last few years, each time, LoG, Megadeth AND Iron Maiden have been nominated. Not searching elsewhere much? Not saying i don't like the bands, they're ****ing amazing, but still. I feel like there could be other better songs to be nominated. The grammies just suck anyway, and rock/metal winners aren't aired during the ceremonies.
    Black Keys will win their categories. Ghost Walking should win out of those nominations for BMP
    I'm not a fan of Lamb of God, but Ghost Walking is a kickass song. Hope they win it.
    What UG failed to mention is the shitty amount of modern pop bullshit that has been nominated for more prestigious titles such as "Record of the Year"...Carly Rae Jepsen doesn't deserve to even go the Grammy ceremony.
    The Black Keys are going to win most of the categories they are nominated for. "El Camino" was an excellent album. On another note, "Madness" by Muse is not a rock song. Personally, I think their song "Panic Station" was more "rock" than "Madness".
    Channel Orange Lonely Boy Whose Life (Is It Anyways?) Either El Camino or Wrecking Ball, can't decide Lonely Boy I know a lot of UG isn't really into the whole modern R&B/Hip-Hop thing, but Channel Orange was a damn good album
    Everything on here is lame to me except for the Best Rock/Metal Performance - Gotta go with ANTHRAX by a slim margin over Lamb of God. And Testament should be on the Album of The Year nominees!!!