2013 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees Announced

Rush and Deep Purple have finally been nominated. Find out how to contribute your votes and see the full list of nominees here.

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The nominees for the 2013 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame have been announced and include Rush, Deep Purple, and Kraftwerk, with the ceremony due on April 28 at the Nokia Theater in L.A.

Acts are eligible for the ceremony 25 years after releasing their first album. It's the first time Rush have been nominated, despite being eligible since 1998.

It seems like only yesterday that we were posting and endless stream of 2012 Hall Of Fame news which mostly consisted of Guns N' Roses drama. The list of nominees this time look less troublesome, but equally as legendary.

For the first time, the vote is being opened up to fans, albeit in a small way. The Hall had been criticised in the past for its unclear voting methods, and this appears to be one way to dampen those complaints. You can place your nominations over at Rolling Stone.

The top 5 artists from that poll will comprise a fan ballot which will count as one of more than 600 ballots. Hardly democratic, but at least the fans finally have some way to contribute to the vote.

Currently, the fan poll puts Rush at the top of the list with almost 30% of the vote, followed by Deep Purple and Heart.

"The definition of 'rock & roll' means different things to different people, but as broad as the classifications may be, they all share a common love of the music," said Joel Peresman who is President and CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "This year we again proudly put forth a fantastic array of groups and artists that span the entire genre that is 'rock & roll.'"

Here's the full list of nominees:

  • Albert King
  • Chic
  • Deep Purple
  • Donna Summer
  • Heart
  • Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
  • Kraftwerk
  • The Marvelettes
  • The Meters
  • N.W.A.
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band
  • Procol Harum
  • Public Enemy
  • Randy Newman
  • Rush

    They're all legendary acts, but who will make the grade? Place your own nominations and views in the comments.

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      I will never take the RRHoF seriously, not even if they start inducting the RIGHT bands. Come on, I mean Abba, Madonna, how could anyone take it seriously?
      Alex Lifeson from Rush once stated the he 'couldn't care less' about being inducted into the Hall and said that it was 'a joke'. If Rush accepts the induction they're hypocrites.
      I don't know why this comment was down-voted (I just put it back to even)...it's 100% spot-on!
      I know that NWA and Public Enemy aren't Rock and Roll, but they should be respected for being good musicians that did a lot of their genre. Their genre isn't rock and roll though, so I don't think that they should be inducted.
      Honestly...at this point, being inducted isn't even special, the amount of bands that deserve to be in, that dont get in, and get beat out by groups who had a far less impact on music,....its a joke
      Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush... or Deep Purple (Surprised they're not already in)
      They need to change the name from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to just Music Hall of Fame
      Hate to be that guy, but KISS deserves it more than some of those acts nominated. Though their attitude toward the Hall of Fame the last few years has probably ruined any chance they had of being inducted... Actually, I don't hate being that guy.
      Who's that scootin' on his scooter, Fatty Doo Doo. Who's got doo doo like a fatty, scootie doo, nobody scoots a fatty-doo like you do... Scatty Foo-Foo, Patty Poo-Poo. White president, black president, I don't care... just scoop me up some doo doo and I'll be right there... I only know 5 chords.
      you guys think that blackmore would play if they got in? i really hope so haha, don't wanna be let down though
      Rush, Deep Purple, Heart, Joan Jett and Albert King should be the ones who get it. Keep Blues music alive people!
      Seeing Rush in the list of nominees really made my day. It's about time and I'm very happy for them
      Remember that time when NWA and Public Enemy were rock bands? Me neither.
      Way Cool JR.
      No....But I do remember when Public Enemy toured with Anthrax. It was actually a pretty good tour, even-though I'm not a fan of Public Enemy at all. Glad I got to see it.
      Guns N' Chains
      If there is such a thing as the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame, I hope Iron Maiden is included in their list of nominations. Now would that make any sense?
      they've only decided to nominate Rush because they've re-emerged recently and attracted a new audience. and they've only decided to nominate Deep Purple because of Jon Lord's passing. Both absolutely incredible bands, and deserve the utmost respect from everyone, but I doubt the hall of fame genuinely gives a damn about either of them.
      so you mean to say the RnRHoF finally acknowledged the awesomeness and influence of rush, deep purple, and joan jett & Blackhearts? about frikin time they took their heads out their asses. no wait, rap bands in there? i dont really understand this decision...
      Way Cool JR.
      Rush, Deep Purple and Heart all definitely deserve to be in the R.N.R.H.O.F. There's no doubt about that at all.
      Darth Wader
      It's about time Rush makes it in! Still bitter that The Cure didn't get the votes last year, though.
      Hmm, lots of hate for NWA and Public Enemy, followed by "That's not what troo rock is about!". Forgive me for stepping out of line, but since when has rock n roll been about sticking to the rules?
      umm...this is the ROCK AND ROLL hall of fame, not the rap hall of fame...one doesnt exist for good reason...
      You clearly didn't understand what I said. Rock n roll isn't about sticking to traditions, playing by an unwritten rule book set forth by Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, and Chuck Berry. Technically (by an assumed definition of "rock n roll"), any band formed after 1962 shouldn't be in there
      Albert King, Rush, Deep Purple, Heart, and Paul Butterfield Blues band. Mike Bloomfield was the shit.
      I love NWA and Public Enemy, but this is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, not the rap hall of fame. That being said, Rush, DP and Heart for the win.
      Oh my ****ing God..you people realize that people like 50 Cent and Biebs can be eligible for this in a few decades?
      Pyramid... Illuminati. Trying to introduce mainstream to us who choose otherwise. Then again, I like NWA/Public Enemy. Still, no.
      Chic and Public Enemy are gonna get it. Calling it in advance, hoping it won't happen. Rush and DP deserve it.