21st Anniversary Of GN'R 'Use Your Illusion I' & 'II' Release

Immensely successful and anticipated Guns N' Roses 'Use Your Illusion I' and 'Use Your Illusion II' albums were released over two decades ago.

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It's hard to believe that the immensely successful and anticipated Guns N' Roses "Use Your Illusion I" and "Use Your Illusion II" albums were released over two decades ago! Twenty-one years, actually.

To date, "Use Your Illusion I" has sold over five million albums alone, and together, the set has gone seven-times platinum since Sept. 17, 1991.

Naturally, we can't bring up Guns N' Roses without speaking of the rocky past of the hard rockers, but it changes nothing in that together they created some of the best music in rock history.

With one of the best guitarists in the industry - the frequently top-hatted Slash - matched with one of the most unique voices ever to be heard - debatable madman Axl Rose - Guns N' Roses fervently delivered a distinct sound during their reign.

The "Use Your Illusion" albums are no different, being fully loaded with fan favorites, including "November Rain", "Knockin On Heaven's Door", "Estranged", and "You Could Be Mine". Jointly, the albums total a phenomenal 30-tracks.

However, with that many songs total, there's bound to be some things that stray a little bit from what fans had come to expect. In a review for AllMusic.Com, it's stated, "The two guitarists, particularly [Izzy] Stradlin, are trying to keep the group closer to its hard rock roots, but Rose has pretensions of being Queen or Elton John... Conceivably the two aspirations could have been divided between the two records, but instead they are just thrown into a blender". That eclecticism led to the double studio album being one of the band's more polarizing, yet ambitious, records to date.

The double studio album was used in conjunction with the band's "Use Your Illusion" Tour that lasted from Jan. 1991 to July 1993, which became of the longest rock tours in music. It was during touring for the album that Stradlin decided to part ways with the band, but they quickly found their footing again with new guitarist Gilby Clarke.

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    So.... Are we just gonna celebrate this every year from now on UG? Shall I mark my Sept. 17 off every year as "Use Your Illusion Day"?
    So now we celebrate 21 year anniverseries? Must be a slow day...
    It means the album can buy alcohol in the states now! It also means that it's been legal for that album to have sex in my country for 5 years!!
    Actually, it would have been Slash trying to keep the hard rock direction, Axl pulling them toward Elton John, and Izzy just going for plain old rock & roll. Even just looking at the songs Izzy sang on the albums - 14 Years, Dust N' Bones, even You Ain't the First - and I think it's pretty plain to see.
    Absolutely LOVE both albums. Although 30 tracks between them? Is that including 'My World'? That 'song' was always just an extra to me.
    Why didnt Izzy attend the rock hall of fame. Axl wrote his stupid letter with his reasons but what was Izzy's reasons? It's funny how Adler got kicked out and it ruined him but Izzy just quit and was like meh whatever.
    Izzy was a kickass rhythm guitarist. Maybe Malcom Young also comes to mind right now but the vast majority of others are just lead guitarist that team up with a better lead guitarist and just take 2nd seat.