30 Seconds To Mars: 'The Greatest Form of Revenge is Massive Success'

Frontman Jared Leto notes that the series of latest shows has been a highlight of the band's career.

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Thirty Seconds to Mars has been speaking to Team Rock about experiences on their latest tour. As frontman Jared Leto notes, the series of shows has been a highlight of the band's career: "This tour has been the best, one of the biggest and boldest we have ever done to date. I think this new album has made the live show much more compelling. The songs have added a new dynamic that we had always been missing ... it's nice to take a journey in different directions. The new album has given us a gift in that." In the interview, guitarist Tomo Milicevic noted the band’s attitude towards doubters of their music: "There will always be doubters I suppose, but we don't really pay much attention to them. At the end of the day, what do they know. It's not for them. It's for the people who give a sh-t. We make the music for us and for [fans]. Pretty much everyone else can f--k off." Leto reiterated his comments by stating that "the greatest form of revenge is massive success. That is a fun form of revenge. I'm not a big believer in vindictiveness or revenge, I'm not too concerned with that. But it's nice to work really hard and see it pay off. That's a wonderful thing."

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    He's certainly correct Let's be honest if someone or a group of people said you couldn't do something/make it a success and you go out there and make it a massive success it is probably the best form of revenge.
    "success is the greatest form of revenge":i know a red-haired guitarist/singer who would give this statement a big thumbs up.
    Mr Brownst0ne
    Flame me all you want Echelon but Jared Leto is a pretentious arty farty 'artiste' of the highest calibre.
    Normally I don't care about the personality behind the sound but I met the guy on 3 separate occasions and you're pretty much right. Dudes head is so far up his own ass it's right back on top of his shoulders.
    There 1st album is one of my top 10 of modern music. but there new stuff i am having a hard time finding any guitar sounds in it. they went from a killer low tuned sound to now being something between duran duran and the killers
    Bang on. I don't understand people how actively go out of their way to tell a band's fans that the band is rubbish, do they think music should only appeal to them or something?
    "working real hard and seeing it pay off" Dude... ur live shows consists of 70% letting the crowd sing the words for you... work harder and maybe you'll have my respect. Other than that he has a point.
    Dude, if you were a performing musician, you'd know the best thing ever would be to be surrounded by people who know all the lyrics to your songs