30 Seconds to Mars Unsign From Virgin Records: 'We're Free'

artist: 30 Seconds To Mars date: 04/28/2014 category: music news
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30 Seconds to Mars Unsign From Virgin Records: 'We're Free'
Jared Leto has discussed his relief at being newly unsigned, after his band 30 Seconds to Mars split from their record label.

AsĀ Gigwise reports, the band recently parted ways with Virgin Records/EMI after nine tumultuous years with the label.

In 2008, Virgin attempted to sue the band for $30 million, claiming they had failed to deliver three of the five albums under the band's contract - despite the contract being entered into with a different label. This lawsuit is the subject of the band's recent documentary "Artifact."

After releasing their fourth album "Love Lust Faith + Dreams" last year, the band have parted from the label, with Leto telling Billboard: "We're free and clear and excited about the future. It's the most wonderful place to be."

He added: "What a strange business that you're more excited to leave your label than you are about working there."

Leto also discussed the documentary "Artifact," which documents the strained relationship between 30 Seconds to Mars and Virgin. "It's not anti-label," he said, "It's anti-greed. It's about artists examining the difficulty between the conflict of art and commerce, how corruption can kill dreams."

Earlier this year, Leto was awarded an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as a transgender woman dying of AIDS in "Dallas Buyers Club." He recently revealed that his Oscar is a "filthy mess" after he continually passed it around at parties.

30 Seconds to Mars will hit the North American road this fall during the "Carnivores Tour" with Linkin Park and AFI.
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