3 Guitar Heroes West, Schenker, Roth Tour Cancelled

The 3 Guitar Heroes Tour featuring Leslie West, Uli Jon Roth, and Michael Schenker has been cancelled.

Ultimate Guitar

Fans looking forward to seeing Uli Jon Roth, Leslie West, and Michael Schenker sharing the stage this fall will have to wait. A press release has confirmed the tour has been postponed due to travel issues.

West, who recently had the lower half of his right leg amputated, is confined to a wheelchair, and has not been able to find a vehicle that would allow him to travel comfortably. Here is the official press release:

Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth and Leslie West have been forced to postpone the 3 Guitar Heroes tour that was set to commence on October 6 in Norfolk, CT, due to insurmountable travel issues. When faced with securing a viable path for Wests travel while still confined to a wheelchair, the search for a vehicle went on for months, and it has been called off. Last week, West was fitted with a prosthetic leg, but it will take months before he is able to live a normal life with the appendage, and there is no way to tour at this time without the security of the wheelchair he has been confined to post-amputation. Plans are moving forward to explore restaging this tour in the New Year.

Hopefully we will see this tour be rescheduled next year. All of us at UG wish Leslie the best.

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    That sucks. I didn't know Leslie West had to get his leg amputated. We get a news article about every one of Dave Grohl's farts, but Leslie West getting his ****ing leg cut off isn't newsworthy, not to mention the fact that this is the first mention I've seen of this potential tour on this website.
    Well put!!!! Isn't this site called "ULTIMATE GUITAR"? Not Ultimate Dave Grohl? Or Ultimate Mike Portnoy Drama? Or Ultimate False Led Zeppelin Reunion Rumors? Or Ultimate Mis-Leading Article Titles? Or Ultimate Courtney Love Blogging On Crack?
    This would have been awesome. I'm sorry to say I had no idea about West's condition, that is truly sad, I hope he gets used to the prosthetic leg quickly.
    has anyone heard any news on this tour, maybe they will end up doing a show in atlanta ga. that would be great