3 Most Underrated Metallica Songs

One per decade, to be exact.

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3 Most Underrated Metallica Songs

Metallica expert and Total Cliff founder Andriy Vasylenko shared his take on what the most underrated songs of the band's catalog are.

Before kicking the rundown off, the musician stressed that even the most underrated Metallica songs still have much more views than other bands' stronger songs and that he tried to pick one tune per decade - exclusing the current decade, that is.

Highlights below, watch the clip for the whole thing.

The Unnamed Feeling

"'St. Anger' gets tons of hate... but there's one thing that we cannot question: this is a fucking emotional album.

"James breaks into perhaps the most emotional vocal Metallica part ever."

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Damage Inc.

"The intro alone is a masterpiece - the most mysterious Metallica theme.

"But that's not the only secret of this song. The main riff is often played wrong, as well as the middle section.

"Plus it contains a hidden bass part which nobody knew was there. And the insane guitar solo that beats everything Kirk did on the last album."

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"'The Outlaw Torn' and 'Fixxxer' - the twin songs of Metallica. They're the longest ones on 'Load' and 'Reload,' have the similar pace, and both are closing the albums.

"'The Outlaw Torn' was played live 13 times, 'Fixxxer' - zero. Of course 13 is not a big number, but the honor of being played with an orchestra might have paid it off.

"'Fixxxer' is just awesome. It's simple, ambient, emotional, unusual, and has one of the best choruses Metallica has ever written."

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    No Leaf Clover!
    Really wish they would have recorded a cleaned up studio version of "No Leaf Clover" and "-Human"
    The only thing that bothers me about the song that it uses the same chord progression as the chorus as ...And Justice for All. Still love the song!
    Bleeding Me is a very underrated song. 
    I agree. It's in my top ten. Even hero of the day has aged well. 
    Top ten OVERALL? So, at least Puppets, Orion, Trapped, Creeping, One, Fade, Bell, Dyers, To Live, and Misery aren't ahead of it?
    I'm not the biggest Metallica fan. So out of your top ten, the songs I've never listened to are Orion, Trapped, Dyers, To Live, and Misery.  So yea, there's five open slots for me to fill.  Anjohl. Pfft! More like Asshole. 
    How is Damage Inc. underrated? It is a great song and a perfect way to end one of the best and most praised metal albums ever.
    Being great and perfectly ending a superb album has nothing to do with it being underrated or not. The person behind this article feels it's a great song that does not get enough praise and attention for its quality. People praise other Metallica songs and amidst all this track is sometimes forgotten.
    whats the hidden bass part of damage inc? i know the intro is bass, but i dont think thats what hes referring to
    I love Fixxxer.
    One of my all time favorite Metallica songs.
    Fixxxer is amazing and undoubtedly underrated. Such a cool song and unique vocals from James too.. catchy chorus, Hendrix style wah riffs. Great song
    Been on a Load/Re-Load binge lately.  Some great songs on both of them, and were Metallica any other band, would likely be career highlight albums.
    You can make a decent "Hardrockica" EP by combining the top 2-3 songs from Load and Reload.
    Actually always really enjoyed Invisible Kid as well for some reason.
    I was going to say that as well. A lot of people say it's the worst on St. Anger, but I'm over here thinking its one of the best!? Glad I'm not alone.
    I can honestly say that I like all of the songs on St Anger... one at a time.  I can't listen to the whole album at once, but I can listen to each of the individual songs one or two at a time and enjoy it.
    Damage Inc? Not underrated at all, quite the contrary. It is, at least to most Metallica fans, one of the most revered songs by them. I've heard it used countless times as the bar for what a great Metallica song is.
    I'm going to Trapped Under Ice/Phantom Lord/Frayed Ends of Sanity
    Trapped under ice was my first thought as well, phantom lord has always been a favorite, frayed ends of sanity is awesome but my favorite on that one is shortest straw
    Nah fam. The God Who Failed, Devils Dance And The Frayed Ends Of Sanity 
    Eye of the Beholder, Shortest Straw, and Frayed Ends of Sanity are Justice songs that seem to get no love. My favourite album.
    That whole album is pretty popular.
    It's very much over shadowed by the preceding albums, aside from One and Harvester of Sorrow.
    Hmm. I see around 40% of fans calling it their favorite album by them. *shrug*
    I would also nominate "-Human" and "I Disappear". I really loved it when Rob and Kirk broke into the "I Disappear" riff on the Worldwired tour
    It sucked, I thought they were going to play I Disappear. I knew I was going to see them so I made it a point not to find out anything about that tour. They started playing it and I thought James and Lars were gonna start too but fuck... never been so excited to hear them start a song. Then once I realized they weren’t playing it I enjoyed it for what it was. I love the harmonics Kirk plays in that song.
    Not a bad list, though I kinda think Damage Inc. gets its very deserved praise. I'd pick these 3: -My Friend of Misery -All Nightmare Long -Dyers Eve
    Hidden gems for me from each album: KTA - No Remorse RTL - The Call of Ktulu MOP - Disposable Heroes ...AJFA - Frayed Ends of Sanity Black - My Friend of Misery Load - Ronnie/Mama Said Reload - Devils Dance/Prince Charming Garage Inc - Mercyful Fate/Sabbra Cadabra  St. Anger - Sweet Amber DM - The Judas Kiss HTSD - Am I Savage?
    Good list. The Judas Kiss is a kickass gem of a song. I wouldn't really consider Disposable Heroes underrated, though. Most Metallica fans love the shit out of it.
    Yeah I guess so, just seems like it always gets overshadowed by Master, Sanitarium, Orion etc. Maybe should have went with Leper Messiah instead. Really it's hard to say any song on MOP is underrated. 
    Personally speaking: Murder One Suicide and Redemption Dirty Window No Leaf Clover Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage cover) And the Beyond Magetic ep, some lyrics suck, but a good listen
    I think the big problem with DM is over production and over thought. BMs songs aren't necessarily better but they're more natural and raw, making them rather kickass
    At the top of my head: -The House Jack Built -Where the Wild Things Are -To Live is to Die
    I don't think Damage Inc. is underrated at all - thats easily one of the best songs on Master of Puppets. Plus the riff at 3:15...disgustingly good!
    Some of my favourites are Cure, Where The Wild Things Are, and My Friend Of Misery.
    Anything off of Load, although The House Jack Built, Bleeding me, Mama Said, & Outlaw Torn stand out for me. Anything off of ReLoad, Unforgiven II, Where the Wild Things Are, Low Mans Lyric & Fixxxer stand out for me. Anything off of St. Anger, St. Anger, Dirty Window, My World, Shoot Me Again, Sweet Amber, The Unnamed Feeling, Purify, & All Within My Hands stand out for me.
    Hey UG, spend an extra 15 seconds and find good quality videos. St. Anger sounds bad enough. 240p? Really????
    Mama said is a great song but gets over looked because it's slow, it's a good change of pace to mix in with the hard stuff
    Damage Inc? Really? Not underrated at all IMO. 3 choices of mine - Holier than Thou, Eye of the Beholder, and Escape
    I've read this somewhere before, but Fixxxer would be an amazing set starter. The band comes on stage as the noises get louder, then the drums and bass start with only spotlights on them, and right as the rest of the band kicks in the lights turn on, the flamethrowers go off, and you have yourself a Metallica show.
    For some reason, I thought that was Ice-T on the left when I first looked at the photo.
    Dirty Window and All Within My Hands are IMO way better than The Unnamed Feeling, as are the more famous St. Anger tracks: the title track, Frantic, and Some Kind of Monster.
    Great list. But I wonder.... What does Corey Taylor think about this?
    Dude, really?  The jokes about this have become more annoying than any opinion Corey Taylor has ever expressed.....
    I kinda cringe when I see that line posted...    the fact that someone out there still thinks it's funny.
    Things become played out, pal. QOTSA Songs for the death, remember that. Just let it go. It ran its course.
    I kind of feel like My Friend Of Misery, The Outlaw Torn, I Disappear and Turn the Page are all underrated Metallica songs.
    If my local radio station is any indication, Turn the Page ain't underrated. They play it to death.
    Damage Inc? Nah... How about: Escape The God That Failed The Struggle Within The House That Jack Built Bleeding Me Thorn Within The Outlaw Torn Ronnie Unforgiven II Carpe Diem Baby Where The Wild Things Are Invisible Kid All Within My Hands
    Better not be anything from Load/Reload/Anger/S&M except -Human or Outlaw Torn....