4 Biggest Myths and Lost Facts About Metallica Songs

Cliff wrote Kirk's "Creeping Death" solo?

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4 Biggest Myths and Lost Facts About Metallica Songs

Mr. Andriy Vasylenko shared an interesting video focusing on 4 myths surrounding Metallica songs.

You can check out the rundown below, watch the video for detailed explanations.

Myths about Metallica songs

1. 'Sad But True' was written for 'Master of Puppets' and rejected for being too simple

2. Cliff Burton wrote Kirk Hammett's 'Creeping Death' solo

3. Dave Mustaine wrote 'Leper Messiah'

4. 'Cliff Burton's last song' from YouTube 

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    I hate it when the articles are just a bunch of youtube videos without any transcribed text or anything. What's the point other than advertising for youtube channels?
    I used to transcribe the whole thing before, but then we got complaints how that's not fair to YouTubers since there is zero incentive for users to check out their work and give them clicks/ad revenue.
    But that's irrelevant, this is a NEWS site, not s YouTube referral page.
    No this is a TAB site, 90%+ of UG's traffic is from the Tab section. It's not a YouTube referral page, but referring to a few YouTube videos per day is part of the News section. In most cases, those videos are entertaining or contain useful info. I don't really see what the problem is.
    I get what you are saying but a small paragraph describing what the video is about would help. Kinda like an episode preview on Netflix giving a brief idea of the episode's content that is in no way a substitute for the actual video.
    I mean, news is news and journalism is journalism. I get that perhaps these youtube channels want support but some people don't have time to watch videos but do have time to read, or are in rooms or situations where they can't listen but they can read. Could still add in some disclaimer to watch the video if interested or to check out their channel without negating actually offering some news instead of just linking to someone else's news. 
    This is the kind of stuff I have been talking about - minimal editorial oversight by someone with even minor qualifications or professional experience in online journalism could significantly improve the quality of content on the news portions of this website. For a while the site had serious issues with plagiarizing other website's content, and now there are a bunch of posts that are just links to YouTube videos. I just recently got into a few arguments in a comment section about the quality of some original material that simply should not have been published as it was. If I was not a busy PhD student, I would  offer my time to the website to fulfill such a function, but I have no reason to believe such services would be utilized well considering how bad some of the problems were. It just seems few people who run the site/volunteer for it seem to care all that much as long as the clicks come in. 
    You just can't win with these people they'll complain either way. I had already seen the video before this article was posted but I figured it'd be a good way to share it with people who may have missed it.
    Welllll. Fuck them. Its called business. Also its the internet, anything and everything is copied and repeated to various other websites. I can't go to any news sites anymore cuz its allll regurgitated.
    I guess someone really wants to win that Epiphone contest... If only the points system was based on the feedback from the stuff one posts rather than the amount of stuff posted.
    ~Maxi King~
    Now I get why they did the survey about the like system. Just another really really poorly written 'article'.  Also: Are those myths true or not?  Reading this was a complete waste of time.
    I thought the same thing: the title says 'myths and lost facts'. If they ARE myths, then please debunk them!
    They're myths because they can't be 100% proven or unproven. Like Dave writing Leper Messiah unless either Dave admits he's lying or Metallica admit he wrote it, it can never be debunked.
    I've been following Metallica my whole life, never heard any of those myths before. Also, I get the 'taking away YouTubers clicks' if the article is transcribed but if I wanted to watch random YouTube videos, I'd go to YouTube.  Maybe I am just too old but I reaaaaally miss just reading an article.  I don't want to watch a 7 minute video to get 10 seconds of info, I don't want to sit through a 30 second commercial just to see if something might be funny.... just stop already!  And get off my lawn!!  
    Are these truly "lost facts" or did you guys just look at the song writing credits for Metallica songs in their tab books? I have some random Metallica facts that are probably more interesting than this stuff: - Les Claypool auditioned for Metallica after Cliff died. The band didn't choose him because he was "too out there." - The tablature for the beginning of Blackened in most tab books for ...And Justice for All is written wrong.  - The night Cliff died, he was sleeping in Kirk's bed on the bus. - Kirk wrote "Trapped under Ice" when he was still in Exodus.  - In order to play pieces of "Johnny got his gun" in the video for "One" it would've been too expensive to pay for the leasing, so Metallica bought the rights to the movie straight out, so they wouldn't have to pay royalty fees. - In the song "St. Anger" the lyrics "Fuck it all and fucking no regrets" are sung, which also appeared 17 years earlier in the lyrics of their song "Damage, Inc." - The intro to the song "Frayed end of Sanity" are the Witches' guards chanting in The Wizard of Oz.
    I´ve never ever heard any of these...where do these "myths" come from? 
    I think that last one is false. Jason played that as a part of his bass solo on the Seattle Live Shit show, and I remember reading somewhere that Jason was credited in some way for it.
    The myth stems from To Live is To Die being based on unused Cliff recordings. So the bass solo Jason played in Seattle could likely be what Cliff played on the demo and the band rearranged it to be a studio recording.