500,000 Flock To Filesharing Service 'Mega'

Mega Upload was shutdown by the FBI one year ago. Now its founder Kim Dotcom is back with a new file sharing site with a remarkable free 50GB. But could it be a new hotbed for piracy?

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More than half a million people signed up for the new file sharing service by digital mastermind Kim Dotcom called on Sunday.

His last website Mega Upload was shutdown by the FBI precisely one year before, with claims that illegal file sharing on the service had cost copyright holders more than $500 million. The FBI later declared the shutdown "a massive success."

The new service simply called Mega is similar to services like Dropbox, in that users can store their own files online.

But unlike Dropbox, it offers a remarkable 50GB for free - enough for many people to store their entire music collections.

While any online cloud storage site could be used to facilitate piracy, some observers believe that both the large amount of free storage and Kim Dotcom's popularity among media pirates could make it a new hotbed for illegal files.

You can upgrade Mega accounts to store to 500GB for only 9.99 euros (13.31 dollars) per month - for many people, that's enough to backup their entire computer.

If that's not enough, you can upgrade to 2 terabytes (thats 2000GB) for 19.99 euros (26.62 dollars) or 4 terabytes for 29.99 euros (39.94 dollars).

One hour after its launch on Sunday, Kim Dotcom tweeted that it was receiving thousands of registrations per minute. Another hour later, he said it was already running at full capacity:

250,000 user registrations. Server capacity on maximum load. Should get better when initial frenzy is over. Wow!!!

Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) January 19, 2013

Mega might be attractive to media pirates, but it's also impressive to the rest of us who want to share files legitimately for home and work.

What do you make of the service? Have you tried it? Share your first impressions in the comments.

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    Yup, this man has a lot of guts. Also, it's seriously been a year since Megaupload was shut down? Man, time flies...
    it's useful for me as I have to transfer large video files to my partners on YouTube. All the files are our own creation so it's legal but I may have to move to this, 50GB for free? Yes please.
    Ben Baczenas
    I like what he's trying to do, but he should have picked a better domain name than http://mega.co.nz -- AKA MegaConz. I know it's a New Zealand address, but that's just an unfortunate name lol
    His original plan was to launch mega on the EDIT: I give up, these comment boxes are screwed. Can't format links and it's just re-arranging my text so it makes no sense.... wtf.
    Congrats to KimDotCom. I'm not supporting piracy but I hope that this will change thinking of companies like MPAA, RIAA and others who live in 20th century.
    I doubt companies like that will change their thinking. But public opinion is going to start slowly ostracizing them, I'm sure.
    piracy is amazing, bands dont deserve any money for their hard work! And cue the thumbs down...
    Mr Winters
    If you want to really support bands, go to their shows and buy their merch. Album sales money goes to the record labels.
    link no1
    Money goes to the labels eh? Well, how else are the (especially lesser known) bands going to pay off recording debts?
    Could you tell us why record labels don't deserve our money?
    They've got a good record of screwing bands out of money they deserve. Also we dont need them anymore. The big labels just exist to shape and control what "popular music sounds like. Not to mention grab up all the money they can. It's not too terribly hard for a band to self release their music these days, and not very expensive. Then you've always got indie labels, like those ran by Jack White and Trent reznor and thousands of others. We dont need the big guys ruining a good thing anymore.
    link no1
    it offers a remarkable 50GB for free - enough for many people to store their entire music collections.
    Is this most peoples music collections? I couldn't even fit half of mine on that.
    You can upgrade Mega accounts to store to 500GB for only 9.99 euros (13.31 dollars) per month - for many people, that's enough to backup their entire computer.
    I'm starting to think I'm not 'most people'...
    I feel like piracy of new stuff is going to dwindle due to spotify, if i like it i go buy the cd.
    I havent pirated any music since i've got spotify. There's not a whole lot that's not there and available for you to listen to. It's a wonderful tool. And i've always bought what i liked, even if i originally pirated it.
    So...I was came for guitar/music orientated news, I got something completely unrelated.
    imo, if it werent for this guy, a lot of bands today would never have a spark of interest amongst the internet community.
    I came for an intelligent comment and got something completely unrelated. I guess we're both disappointed.
    True, However..... You might argue that if record companies are making money, they are likely to take a punt on more artists, to the benefit of more musicians, facilitating their musical development and growing the industry as a whole? The artists do get a small cut of record sales also, how much depends on their bargaining skills. I agree that bands should get a decent cut, but album sales are important.
    Well I read via Forbes news that Dotcom's encryption on the site isn't very safe. The encryption he's using is done through the browser and not a third party program on the computer and in that case someone could easily use your cookies to get access to your files, I think the encryption is 1024 bit SSl and that was suppose to be outdated like in 2006 so we'll see if issues arise from such a thing..
    Really, one of the things that made Megaupload a top player was that not only it provide a good file hosting services but it had the extra media functionality like a video player and with these now being provided by so many other cyberlockers, can MEGA retain it's market share? Only time will tell what quality of service it will provide and how much brand loyalty will come into play. Opening sign up figures look very promising but it remains to be seen how many of those will actually make use of the service or if they were signing up out of simple curiosity to get a better look at the service.