50 Heaviest Bands Ever

Revolver Magazine has put together a list of what they deem the top 50 Heaviest Bands Ever.

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According to a posting on SMNnews, Revolver Magazine has put together a list of what they deem the top 50 "Heaviest Bands Ever". That same list, that appears in the December 2004 issue, is below:

01. Black Sabbath 02. Soundgarden 03. Led Zepplin 04. Neurosis 05. Slayer 06. Kyuss 07. Meshuggah 08. The Melvins 09. Metallica 10. Godflesh 11. Tool 12. Isis 13. Sleep 14. Dimmu Borgir 15. Mastodon 16. Motorhead 17. Swans 18. Slipknot 19. Nirvana 20. Napalm Death 21. Celtic Frost 22. Strapping Young Lad 23. Anthrax 24. The Stooges 25. At The Gates 26. Ministry 27. Morbid Angel 28. Voivod 29. Nine Inch Nails 30. Monster Magnet 31. Sepultera 32. Opeth 33. The Dillenger Escape Plan 34. Lamb Of God 35. Saint Vitus 36. Venom 37. Pantera 38. Blue Cheer 39. Killswitch Engage 40. Black Flag 41. Killing Joke 42. High On Fire 43. Shadows Fall 44. AC/DC 45. Obituary 46. Electric Wizard 47. Eyehategod 48. Death 49. Cathedral 50. Hatebreed

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    this is the worst list ever, Metallica 9? with Meshuggah in front of them? give me a break
    Hmmm, Nirvana heavier than Lamb of God. Now that makes sense. Retards.....
    Hey Black Sabbath is NUMBER 1 YAY! But seriously WTF, i have to say there were bands that are heavyer then sabbath, like MEGADETH or maybe lets say MOTORHEAD! what the hell.
    oh one more thing, korns not heavy metal, its more of emo if u read the lyrics, just a bunch of queers who hated their childhood
    KYUSS HELLS YEA #6 its so great to see that one of rock's most unapreciated bands made #6 on that list. i don't give two shits about the rest, bur HELLS YEA FOR KYUSS
    Black Sabbath rule!Metallica should be higher....as for zeppelin, great music, though not exactly heavy metal especially with plant's high vocals. AC/DC 44? come on!
    you have to look at in relation to their genre/style and when they were around (what music was being put out at the time).
    whoever created this list shall burn in hell, this isnt heavy metal.... this is mainstream popular stuff, just to put it this way ---STOP MAKING LISTS---NONE OF THEM ARE ACCURATE--- Do more than a half hours research on MTV before making a list please.
    narmi:just cos sabbath invented metal theyre no.1, in reality sabbath r fkn shite, boring assed bullshit
    i agree. metallica should have been #1
    jmcnair24:This list should have never been created because the heavy metal is gay. listen to some creative and talent enriched music you wangs.
    you're a dick.
    just cos sabbath invented metal theyre no.1, in reality sabbath r fkn shite, boring assed bullshit, some great riffs, but boring, metallica, pantera, slipknot, machine head, system all kick sabbath ass, they fkn suck dudes, boring shite
    jmcnair, it's funny you think metal is gay and 'untalented' especially cause rage is often called rap metal, but i'm sure your like the greatest guitar player in the world so we should take your opinion as fact, you probably play the ***ing tambourine you god damn ****, get a clue you ***ing prick, nofx is nothing compared to machine head, and who the hell is big d? if you have some explanation for you absurd remark let's hear it, you probably like that ***ing pop-punk shit, go *** yourself you ***ing ass clown
    jmcnair24.....Heavy Metal is gay? its Shit? Well what do you listen to? Pop, Rap and other gay shit? Go *** yourself up the *******. Fucking bastard. I hope die listening to your gay Emo and ***ing Pop rock. Just cause you cant play it, dont mean it sux. Fucking fag
    they're all good hard rock/heavy metal bands, but i don't think these bands are in the right order
    where the hell is megadeath! what is wrong with these people, and since when is soundgarden heavier then slayer? and who the hell is meshuggah? how is metallica 9 ?!?!... yeah thats my opinion that whole list the frigged.
    Opeth is good, though, they belong where they are too, they can be really heavy, but they can also be soothingly melodic
    slash/page fan
    Arucard: led zeppelin is what created the list alright. Mettalica should be before megadeth. half the bands on it have no talent so they shouldnt be on it.and for those people who think sabbath isnt heavy, ur wrong there very heavy and good.
    dude its Sepultura not Sepultera...but anyway...yeah some good bands on this list...and zeppelin should be 1st
    so let me get this staight soundgarden is heavier then metallica. . .ooo..k
    Nirvana should be higher than tool, they were too heavy for even the songwriter to handle. Also Zeppelin should be 1 and Sabbath 2.
    hahahahahaha. haha.haha. wow. accusing me of listening to pop punk hurts me. i have enough knowledge to know how bad that is. no need for a low blow like that. hahahaaha oh man. that seems to be the insult for "hardcore" people such as youselves. i know you like this shitty music cause, you dont know that i like that. gather some facts before you make accusations and find some original insults besides saying i listen to pop punk. that seems to be everyones insult when they thing someone knows nothing about music. i would gladly put my musical knowledge and skills to test against any of you.
    so many posts, guess people didn't like it. and peoeple shouldn't... no judas priest???..
    The Prophecy
    Maybe this list relates to the bands live performance antics, or they're trying to humor us..... Whatever...
    wtf, why is SOundgarden #2? They rule and all but they're not as heavy as the bands on there. Metallica is definately heavier then Zeppelin, Sepultura is spelt wrong! Hatebreed is also heavier then a bunch of those bands. Glad to see Killswitch Engage on there though.
    Led Zepplin omg yeah right they are not even heavy there are so many more harder bands out there like avenged sevenfold, cradle of filth, otep, god forbid, mushroomhead, etc.
    If they made a Sh!tty Music list, Messuggah would be in the top 3, seriously.
    Why are Soundgarden, Led Zeppellin, and AC/DC on this list? And don't give me that, "they were heavy at the time crap" because this is a list made now. If those bands can make it, Thrice should definitely be up there, they have some heavy shit and are one of my favorite bands. What else is funny is a put a picture of Robert Plant up there, that's hilarious cause Led is not even close to heavy. It's a popularity contest really.
    and God do i hate mesuggah, too. I mean, sh!t, they may be pretty damned heavy, but God do they suck. They are one of the worst heavy metal bands i've ever heard
    well at least they kept in mind many of these bands that r on there. at least its not like one of them lists from mtv where theyre all tham pop bands that really suck.....this is a half way decent list i guess.....ive never even seen opeth on ne lists ever. they rock
    This must of been based on the how the times of the music was... Like who was more heavy for their time... Don't agree with alot of it... But some of it I do.
    heavy doesn't mean thrashing; if you listen to soundgarden, listen to Kim(guitarist), his riffs (not all but a good many) are very dark(especially, probably the heaviest riff: 4th of July) on top of that, Chris(lead singer)'s vocals are incomparable, you can say that alot of screaming is what makes vocals heavy, but chris managed to make heavy vocals without any croaking. Also, what may have contributed to the # is that the drummer and kim mostly use uneven time signatures in their songs. Soundgarden's belongs where it is, take my word for it.
    heavy metal is the worst music ever. Shit is an appropriate definition of it. No talent clowns create shitty music that low-lifes listen to. Sabbath is good so they can be number one. Zeppelin is a rediculous band and they definetily have some heavy songs, these songs actually have talent and the music they created is about 1500x better then the shit "heavy" metal you listen to. This list should have never been created because the heavy metal is gay. listen to some creative and talent enriched music you wangs. ie. NoFx, Rage Against the Machine, moe., Hot Water Music, Big D and the Kids Table(Boston, MA)
    Hey ,how about no one cares its just a stupid list anyways! Get over the media because they dont know what theyre talking about!
    linkinguitaro: i know a hell of alot of chrsitan rock bands that are harder than these guys-project eg is heavier than mettalica, spy hunter kills ST.Anger or Master of puppets in hardness project 86...sorry