50 Heaviest Bands Ever

Revolver Magazine has put together a list of what they deem the top 50 Heaviest Bands Ever.

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According to a posting on SMNnews, Revolver Magazine has put together a list of what they deem the top 50 "Heaviest Bands Ever". That same list, that appears in the December 2004 issue, is below:

01. Black Sabbath 02. Soundgarden 03. Led Zepplin 04. Neurosis 05. Slayer 06. Kyuss 07. Meshuggah 08. The Melvins 09. Metallica 10. Godflesh 11. Tool 12. Isis 13. Sleep 14. Dimmu Borgir 15. Mastodon 16. Motorhead 17. Swans 18. Slipknot 19. Nirvana 20. Napalm Death 21. Celtic Frost 22. Strapping Young Lad 23. Anthrax 24. The Stooges 25. At The Gates 26. Ministry 27. Morbid Angel 28. Voivod 29. Nine Inch Nails 30. Monster Magnet 31. Sepultera 32. Opeth 33. The Dillenger Escape Plan 34. Lamb Of God 35. Saint Vitus 36. Venom 37. Pantera 38. Blue Cheer 39. Killswitch Engage 40. Black Flag 41. Killing Joke 42. High On Fire 43. Shadows Fall 44. AC/DC 45. Obituary 46. Electric Wizard 47. Eyehategod 48. Death 49. Cathedral 50. Hatebreed

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    Hey ,how about no one cares its just a stupid list anyways! Get over the media because they dont know what theyre talking about!
    This article is supposed to be the heaviest bands ever right? So why are half the bands on here on the list? Its nice to see some of the bands like the melvins, stooges and black flag be reconized but they shouldnt be on the list. I can think of plenty other bands that are heavier then black sabbath led zeppelin and soundgarden.But once again this is someones opinion, but in my opinion, its a stupid opinion.
    no Iron Maiden, I don't believe this. I can name tons of bands who are way heavier than fu/cking hatebreed.
    anyways, on topic "50 Heaviest Bands Ever" is the name of the list, and if anyone will agree, its ***ing impossible to count, so i think lists need to stop coming, dont care if they are from another site, they all suck ass and need to stop
    Cant belive that half of those bands are on the list, and yet Iron Maiden isn't.
    Im a big fan of machine head. Perhaps they should be in the top 50?
    jmcnair, how about your knowledge of how to use a guitar, if u even can ***ing "punk"
    Once again a very poor list. Why do they always suck so bad?
    slash/page fan
    Arucard: led zeppelin is what created the list alright. Mettalica should be before megadeth. half the bands on it have no talent so they shouldnt be on it.and for those people who think sabbath isnt heavy, ur wrong there very heavy and good.
    When has Nirvana ever been heavy?... or good?
    they were good when they were kickin everybodys ass and was the best band around..i think that was the early 90's..hope i cleared that up for you..you ignorant person
    dude its Sepultura not Sepultera...but anyway...yeah some good bands on this list...and zeppelin should be 1st
    so let me get this staight soundgarden is heavier then metallica. . .ooo..k
    Nirvana should be higher than tool, they were too heavy for even the songwriter to handle. Also Zeppelin should be 1 and Sabbath 2.
    The Nameless666
    wheres cannibal corpse!!!.. ahh they are heavyer then each one of those ***ing bands, name any damn death metal band and they should make the list, lol but still i dont think led zeppelin should be there, or soundgarden, even if they were heavy for their time, they arent now so... we should stick to the present, im surprised that they didnt throw pink floyd in there too considering all the other bands they put, there were some good choices like metallica slippknot and sabbath though
    what the hell is the point of making a list, no matter who's on it everyone will argue and bitch about their favourite bands not making the list/not being high enough on the list. it's all a matter of opinion. the only fun thing about it is reading people bicker back and forth at each other with excessive swearing because someone insulted their musical taste.
    hahahahahaha. haha.haha. wow. accusing me of listening to pop punk hurts me. i have enough knowledge to know how bad that is. no need for a low blow like that. hahahaaha oh man. that seems to be the insult for "hardcore" people such as youselves. i know you like this shitty music cause, you dont know that i like that. gather some facts before you make accusations and find some original insults besides saying i listen to pop punk. that seems to be everyones insult when they thing someone knows nothing about music. i would gladly put my musical knowledge and skills to test against any of you.
    What the F#CK they mean by "heavy"? First bands that come to my mind are 1) Slayer 2) Pantera 3) Megadeth (and early Metallica) 4) Sepultura 5) Opeth Maiden are GODS of metal, but not really that heavy. More like fast riffs and harmonic solos
    all you have to do is look at what they think is number 1 to tell this list is gonna be messed up, who writes this magazine britney spears?
    redrocketier- or we could just tell them to pull their heads out of their asses
    Um that is a terrible list. Pantera at 37?!?! Lower than Nirvana? They were borderline heavy if heavy at all. What crap.
    jonkaleugher: Nirvana should be higher than tool, they were too heavy for even the songwriter to handle. Also Zeppelin should be 1 and Sabbath 2. [POSTED: 27 October 2004 - 21:36]| That's hilarious, Zeppellin should be no.1? HAHAHAHAHA, they aren't heavy at all.
    half the bands on that list aren't really classed as heavy! If you want heavy bands i suggest you look more towards the death/heavy metal side of things n nirvana ent no where near heavy so where u get that idea frm??
    most of these lists are a complete pile of crap (usually pretty funny as well) but this one is the worst(funniest)
    Napalm Death at 20???.. What crap. Who the hell puts AC/DC on one of these lists.
    notice that there are no old skool rock and roll bands, they're the ones that really scared parents and stuff and got banned. Oooh, Led Zeppelin, their hippyness was really heavy man. LyKe wHeReZz NiRvAnA omgomgomgomg!
    Horneyman71 How is good charlotte not on this list?!?!
    lol i can tell you're trying to get a rise out of everyone who posts on this. such a ridiculous comment.
    i think the whole list shud b scapped coz its a sh!t list n they r plenty more bands which shud b on that list which are actually heavy
    wtf? Opeth should be in the top 20 or something.. theyre good.
    Just because theyre good doesnt mean they shud be in the top 20