55th Grammy Winners

The Grammy winners have been announced - but not everyone is happy that heavy metal is ignored by the wider music industry.

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The winners at the 55th annual Grammy Awards have been revealed.

The big winner of the night was Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, who took home a whopping four Grammys including Producer Of The Year and Best Rock Album with "El Camino".

A handful of artists took home three awards including Gotye for Record Of The Year, Best Pop Duo Performance with Kimbra, and Best Alternative Album with "Making Mirrors".

Mumford & Sons won the coveted Album Of The Year award, but didn't expect it. Maybe they should have, because "Babel" sold a record-breaking 600,000 in its first week in the US, and 1.7 million sales in total since its launch.

"We had six nominations and during the pre-telecast one after another went to (other bands)," singer Marcus Mumford told Billboard on the night. "We resigned ourselves (to not winning). Last year was Adele's year and this year will be the Black Keys'. It's not just bulls--t, we really didn't care about winning."

Sir Paul McCartney also won a Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album with "Kisses On The Bottom".

Not everyone was happy with the Grammy ceremony. Slipknot singer Corey Taylor voiced his concern that the Grammys give too little coverage to heavy music:

I'm happy for Halestorm, but sad because the Grammys don't respect our genre AT ALL. We get one category and it's not even televised.

The Boogie Knight (@CoreyTaylorRock) February 11, 2013

But rock wasn't completely ignored. Here's the full list of rock-related Grammy winners. Who do you think deserved to win in certain categories? Post you opinion in the comments.

2013 Grammy Award Winners:

Album of the Year:

"Babel" - Mumford & Sons

Record of the Year:

"Somebody That I Used To Know" - Gotye Featuring Kimbra

Best Rock Performance:

"Lonely Boy" - The Black Keys

Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance: "Love Bites (So Do I)" - Halestorm

Best Rock Album:

"El Camino" - The Black Keys

Best Rock Song:

"Lonely Boy" - The Black Keys

Best Alternative Music Album:

"Making Mirrors" - Gotye

Best Country Solo Performance:

"Blown Away" - Carrie Underwood

Best Country Duo Performance: 
 "Pontoon" - Little Big TownBest Country Album:

"Uncaged" - Zac Brown Band

Best Country Song:

Blown Away - Carrie Underwood (Josh Kear & Chris Tompkins, songwriters)

Best Americana Album:

"Slipstream" - Bonnie Rait

Best Blues Album:

"Locked Down" - Dr. John

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    Fuck this.
    I was going to read the list, then I saw the banner to the left asking me if I liked asian women. Yes, banner. Yes I do. Then I came down here and agreed with everyone about how shit the grammys are.
    I get those banners too, but they get me in trouble with my girlfriend, so I had to read the list anyway
    I stopped paying attention to the Grammys when I heard Jethro Tull won Best Heavy Metal Album of the Year in the 80's.
    Fuck this big time. I'm pretty sure Gotye's album was released in 2011? Even though it's good to see a fellow Aussie on there, surely there was a halfway decent album made in 2012 that could've won lol
    I literally forgot about "Somebody that I used to know" until the Grammys. The song is completely irrelevant now, so it definitely shouldn't have won. Hell, at least people are still making shitty parodies of "Call Me Maybe", no matter how bad it is.
    halestorm? Metal? The hell?
    I think they saw Explorers and Flying Vs and assumed that was "metal" enough for the dubstep jumping, black eyed peas listening audience that the grammys still actually appeal to. This is why the metal scene has the Golden Gods and whatever Kerrang passes off as an award ceremony, because the grammys aren't relevent to anyone but the pop and mainstream artists.
    Jack White's performance was the highlight of that show.
    The end performance wasn't too bad aside from LL Cool J.
    LL Cool J was so annoying for the whole show. "Follow us all on Twitter, #Grammys #JackWhite #Adele, Like us on FaceBook" The whole thing stank of social media advertising. Please get someone else to host next year...
    I don't think that was just LL Cool J's fault, I feel like no matter who hosts they are push the crap outta their social media.
    really? jack whites so weird. i liked the band tribute. but corey taylor said it right, the grammys are crap. they dont even televise the good categories
    I was a bit excited for the Black Keys with Dr. John, but you couldn't hear Dr. John at all, so it was basically pointless. Also Lonely Boy is a shit song.
    Regarding the winner of the hard rock/metal award: I'm still laughing.
    The fact that they chose 2 nominees, Megadeth and Anthrax for songs they released in 2011 shows how much the people at the Grammys pay attention to metal.
    Halestorm is one of the few bands keeping good Rock alive- they're incredibly talented. Not that the standard is particularly high these days anyways
    Second Rate
    Halestorm is one of the few bands keeping good rock alive? I'm sorry, but you may as well stop listening to the genre if you think that. Halestorm's music is basically a combination of the watered down hard rock peddled by Nickelback and Theory of a Dead Man crossed with the "i'm a vapid *****" lyrics of 1990s pop singers like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. There is nothing redeeming about their music at all, and this band would be completely written off if their singer/guitarist didn't have a vagina.
    "Incredibly talented"?...yeah, no. It really doesn't take a whole lot of talent to write their kind of music.
    nscar- I think you meant to say "Incredibly mediocre talent". I'll assume you meant that because I'd like to think the rock scene has a bright future.
    Me too. If they truly think Halestorm is good music, they're f*cked in the head. Of course, that's the problem; they act like it's all about "good music", when it's really about what they consider socially acceptable and popular.
    I hate Halestorm. Almost as much as I hate people who think they decide what is and isn't "good music".
    I hate fun.
    They're not bad as musicians, they're just too overplayed. I'm already sick of that Some Nights song. One of my friends wanted to cover it for his band, and to me it felt like he just said "I want to cover Smells Like Teen Spirit." Overexposure is killing all of these potentially able bands.
    I thankfully started listening to the radio right when Some Night's radioplay was dwindling on my local rock station so it doesn't feel overplayed to me. That's my reward for not listening to the radio :3
    Their album was cool even though it feels like they have identity issues with their music, I agree Some Nights and We Are Young are overplayed and awful
    Who cares if the grammys don't give a shit about metal. It's all a bunch of promotional shit that businesses probably rig anyways. If you all want to be apart of that fine by me though.
    That's the problem. It's more about money and ratings and so on than it is about actual music.
    Most of the time yes but not all the time, and that is the problem sometimes its based on popularity and ratings and other times they try to be "artistic", for example two years ago Justin Heber lost best new artist to Esperanza Spalding(a jazz bassist/singer)
    Frankly, I prefer that metal is not "mainstream". The last time metal was popular, the record companies gave us Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, et al and beat us over the heads with them. So I'd ask the Grammy's to please keep metal off the invite list. We are doing just fine on our own.
    the grammys are bullshit, they have 5 categories for pop, 3 for dance, 100000 for gay and talentless, and 1 for metal. That is hard rock and metal. rly?! not even a single category for metal. corey taylor is right, the gramys have fallen just to mainstream crap. I need to remind myself why i even bother with this crap.
    Least Mumford and sons play their instrurmants. Ill take an actual musician winning over someone who doesnt write, or play their own music.
    The fact that they put hard rock and metal into one category is evidence enough that the Grammy's are worthless.
    More to the point, Esperanza Spalding won 2 Grammys. She's pretty incredible, so I haven't completely lost faith in the Grammys just yet.
    saw her on the daily show about a month ago and I was amazed, any tips on songs to check out?
    Billy Talent should've at least been nominated for something... Dead Silence was amazing.
    I'm surprised not even The Gaslight Anthem was nominated.
    I'm disappointed but not surprised about Gaslight. The people that select this shit are completely clueless, and have been for a long time. Best thing to do as real music fans is not tune in and give them any ratings. 59' Sound is one of my favorite albums of all time.
    Thye Grammys are a reflection on what type of music is being bought by primarly girls between the ages of 8 - 15.....
    How did Anthrax not win?
    If Anthrax or Megadeth would have won, i would be happy, now im not.
    How did Halestorm win? How did Lamb of God not win? Questions that will never be answered, and might as well be ignored... -_-
    The judgement of who ever chooses the winners for rock and metal, and music in general has always been questionable.
    I fail to see how carrie underwood and gotye (or whatever the hell is name is) is "Rock-Related".
    Hard Rock /Heavy Metal. You are right it's not metal it is HARD ROCK...which Halestorm is for sure.
    I can think of worse ambassadors for metal, imagine if someone like Bring Me The Horizon won.. That said, rock and metal are ridiculously under-represented.
    The newest Black Keys album has more originality, attitude and bombastic sound then practically ANYTHING else out there in hard rock or even metal right now. Does Corey Taylor want more respect for metal? Then maybe metal should bring back more attitude and originality. You can deny it all you want, but I'd say, right now 80-90 percent of LISTENABLE metal sounds interchangable. Whether its the same shreddy guitars in some dropped tuning, or the same screamy/cookie monstery vocals. IMO the only two original and cutting edge metal bands right now are Mastodon and Revocation. That Black Keys album KILLS and unlike alot of other crap coming out, it won so many awards because in 15 years from now it won't sound dated... UNLIKE Corey Taylor's first albums with Slipknot OR Stone Sour. *I also say this AS a Stone Sour AND and Metal fan, but even I can see the genres current limitations compared to the burgeoning indie rock scene...
    You don't listen to Opeth or Mastodon do you
    No, I just heard the word "mastodon" and assumed they sounded cool. "The Hunter" and any of their other albums sounded better then almost anything else "metal" that comes out. Possibly because they site bands like Neurosis as in influence instead of the usual megadeth/iron maiden/metallica/black sabbaths... Also, I would say Opeth is recently less metal and more prog-rock, especially on their newest album "Heritage" So yeah, you can try and condescend me some more, but I've probably already listened to everything you thought was cool and already drew my own conclusions about it. Thanks for playing, though.
    How long until someone bonds the words "hipster" and "garbage"? But yea, I quite disliked this too (except for Black Keys).
    Danjo's Guitar
    I like how everyone is blaming the Grammys for the fact that Metal music isn't commercially popular. I'm surprised Halestorm got something, I didn't think they were very big. I guess if the Grammys were actually objective you'd have a reason to complain, but we all know its an award for being popular, and the fact is that Metal just isn't one of the most popular genres.
    Megadeth, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, and Lamb of God were all nominated and you chose Halestorm. You had one job to do, Grammys!
    -Here's the full list of rock-related Grammy winners. - who the **** are all these people?
    If I ever become a famous musician and make it the grammies...more importantly get to perform at the grammies...Fuck whatever type of music I play, it's going to Reign Blood....SLAYER!!!! Just to mess with everyone
    I'm pretty displeased with the grammys like most people, but I don't see the big deal about metal not being represented. I bet there's a bunch of people who follow ___ genre who complain about not being represented.
    And one of them is metal so what's your point?
    My point is that sometimes it seems like people think metal deserves to be popular more than other things, and people from other genres think their genre deserves to be the most popular too. Then in the even it does become popular people complain about the amount of generic artist (since popularity needs to happen with appeal). Popularity arguments are pretty damned either result. I don't find it worth bothering about.
    Metal is not supposed to be "popular more than other things". It doesn't strive to be popular. But one thing is for sure - with all the stereotyping, condemnation and discrimination it endured for almost half a century now despite the quality and technicality of it's craft, I guess the genre should get the respect it deserves. After all, the Grammy's is not "supposed" to be a popularity contest but an award giving body for musicians (regardless of genre) who give out quality music for all the listeners. But sad realities of it all are: no. 1 - it only seemed as a popularity contest now (it no longer functions based on it's design) and no. 2 - for many decades now, Metal is not represented equally with other genres. Now, I hope everyone understands what all of us Metalheads (fans and musicians) are rambling about.
    Well I guess I can't call The Black Keys hipster douches anymore, now they are just common mainstream ****tards.
    Halestrom over Megadeth, Antharax, iron Maiden, and Lamb of God?!?! This is almost as bad as Jethro Tull in the 80's.
    The difference is Jethro Tull had immense talent and originality. Halestrom is like recycled 90's music with modern day clothes on. BUUUUT, that's my OPINION.
    That's why I don't mind the fact that the Grammys ignore metal. Even if they did have a few metal awards, they would still be giving them to the wrong bands. They never judge talent, remember when Justin Beiber and Drake dominated last year?
    i had never heard of halestorm so ilistened to their winning song, and the closest comparison i can make is paramore. seriously
    There is no Halestorm comparison. They rock. Plain and simple.
    I'm really coming to the conclusion that Halestorm fans will eat up just about anything because of Lizzy Hale. I get that she's hot by some people's standards. What I don't get is how their music is good.
    I'm really coming to the conclusion that porcupine heads like yourself can't grasp the concept of musical taste. Everyone's is different. Get the heck over it and stop being so pretentious.
    I take comfort in knowing that the only thing being measured is popularity and not quality or substance.
    Halestorm has a new fan now, f all y'all.
    STOP STARING AT HER BOOBS; they don't make the music good.
    Dude, there are these things called "opinions." As it turns out, you're not the only one who's allowed to have one. Don't you have something better to do than continuously comment with the usual "STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE" shtick?
    Hey, Ultimate-Guitar, stop telling us about pop and country, because we don't give a shit.
    Metalheads will be hating as they obviously already are....but i found this years grammys actually enjoyable to someone who enjoys every genre. Look at the winners y'all. I prefer those artist compared to all the crap we've had to endure the past few years. No gaga, no bieber...nothing of that sort. Downvote if you want but thats my opinion.
    I still like Halestorm and think they deserved it more then most of the other acts on the list. Problem? PS: Fuck the Grammys and all the modern garbage they give awards to. /rant off