7,500 Iced Earth And Lacuna Coil Pirates Targeted

If you pirated their latest albums, you could be facing litigation and a huge fine. Find out more about the lawsuit from Century Media here.

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7,500 fans of Lacuna Coil and Iced Earth have been targeted by their label Century Media for illegally sharing their music.

News of the lawsuit comes one day after a report discovered that US internet users download and share more illegal music than any other country.

The file sharers are not named in the lawsuit, but the court will decide whether IP addresses for the 4,327 who shared Iced Earth's "Dystopia" and 3,136 for Lacuna Coil's "Dark Adrenaline" will be used to find their real names and addresses for further litigation.

If identified, the file sharers could face a huge bill. A woman in Minnesota who shared only 24 songs on Kazaa in 2007 was fined $222,000 last week. At one point during the trial she was accused of sharing 1,700 songs and narrowly escaped a larger fine of $9 million, according to SC.

Jay McDaniel, a representative for Century Media said it's not just the downloading of an album that does the damage.

"What many people don't understand is that it's the distribution that's the evil influence", he said (via Classic Rock). "Illegal downloading has reached epidemic proportions, as thousands of works are pirated on a daily basis through bit torrents that rob copyright holders of the value of their creative work... illegal sharing of music on the Internet has killed an entire industry".

Despite the on-going battle with file sharing, the music industry has seen massive growth in the streaming sector thanks to services including Spotify. In August the chairman of Beggars Group said that half their European royalties now came from streaming services, and the BBC reports that streaming will generate the global music business £696 million ($1.1 billion) in 2012 a rise of 40%.

Do you know anyone who might be targeted by the Century Media lawsuit? Do you think streaming will solve the piracy issue, or will it always live on? Let us know your view in the comments.

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    Century Media pulled out of Spotify because they thought it was "not the right way forward"... but apparently lawsuits which get you a bunch of money are the way forward.
    Lawsuits like these give the law firms money and that's about it. Even if Century gets a chunk, IE and LC will see nothing but a drop in their sales, concert attendance, and YouTube views.
    What if i download it, and keep the files for myself? Keepin aint sharin.
    Yes it is, if you're using a torrent site you're sharing while downloading. People have access to the parts that are on your computer already while you're waiting for the download to finish. That's how they explain it to the court.
    9 Million Fine for file sharing? Apparently this is worse than killing someone then...
    Why is it that this 'recapcha error' only seems to come up on piracy-related articles? What are you up to, UG?
    And why is it that I can submit whatever I want, except for what I want to submit? Am I using flagged keywords? No matter how many times I try to post it/retype it, it won't submit... but this will just fine.
    They're gunna face fines and stuff? I thought the whole point of pirating things was because you had no money...
    Replace the word "pirating" with "stealing" and you might understand.
    Lacuna Coil How do you get it right in the title, but not in the first line of the article?
    Why only go after 7,000 people and not everyone who pirated their stuff??
    Because their going after the people who share it, not those who download it.
    Ugh its downright rotten and malicious to threaten fans no matter what the circumstance, truly appaling..
    Stopped downloading a while ago, i'd rather have a physical copy of the CD anyways, but you don't think they're going to search out people who have downloaded their (Iced Earth) albums over the years and bust them do you?
    This quote bugs me. "Illegal downloading has reached epidemic proportions, as thousands of works are pirated on a daily basis through bit torrents that rob copyright holders of the value of their creative work." The terms copyright holders. Seems to me to be a synonym for the label. More so than the artists. I say keep downloading and send the suits who have the lion share of the profits generated by someone else's work to the unemployment line. Support artists. Not the label.
    The artists agreed to work with the label. How do you know if a label wasn't started by an enterprising musician who put everything the own on the line to support other musicians?
    Not gonna work. Artists have deals with labels - sure, often times not really fair deals, but they agreed to them. So yeah the "copyright holders" are the labels, commissioned by the artist. I don't agree with how all of this goes these days. But that's the law, and you're gonna have to play within the rules, if you wanna play. Therefor I agree that people who just steal an album get punished. Of course the label's gonna get most of the money. It's more about scare tactics so that people stop illegal downloading. 'Cause that's what sucks and what hits the artist.