90-Year-Old Legendary Actor Christopher Lee Sings Metal Versions Of Classic Christmas Songs

Despite turning 90, legendary actor Christopher Lee had no problem in bringing some metal this Christmas with the release of metal versions of some classic Xmas songs.

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Despite turning 90, legendary actor Christopher Lee had no problem in bringing some metal this Christmas with the release of metal versions of some classic Christmas songs.

Lee has appeared in multiple cinematic giants such as "Lord Of The Rings", "Star Wars", "Dracula" and "The Hobbit", which makes his latest rocking project even more awesome.

As a classically trained singer, he had previously appeared on the soundtrack for horror movie "The Wicker Man" in 1973. His first metal record called "Charlemange: By The Sword And The Cross" was released in 2010 and acknowledged with Metal Hammer's 'Spirit Of Metal' award the same year.

The award was presented by non-other than the 'iron man' himself, Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath.

"It was a most amazing occasion for me very exciting and something I'd never had happen to me my whole career, my whole life, in terms of awards. I have received quite a few. But I was interviewed, actually in this room, by Tony Iommi, who founded Black Sabbath. And I hadn't heard them, but I made it a point [to do so]. [And] I thought it was extraordinary. And then I went to O2 [in London] in front of a fairly large crowd, I would say, all, of course, very young. And I got a greeting, which was really quite amazing. The decibel level was very high. Very high, very high."

Regarding his introduction to the metal world, the actor tells BBC Radio: I was first introduced to metal when I sang with a band called Rhapsody. But what I sang was not heavy metal, I sang with a tenor. Then I worked with Manowar as a narrator, I think it was in Germany, and again, that was not me singing metal. I became rather fascinated by this, 'cause in terms of history of music, it's fairly recent, really. And if it's properly done and you can understand the story and you can understand what the people are singing and you have the right bands and the right singers, I think it's rather exciting".

You can check out Christopher Lee's renditions of "The Little Drummer Boy" and "Silent Night" below, both of which are available via iTunes.

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    If you consider that this is a man who is 90 years old - i would say that its f'ing cool ! "We must join with Him, Gandalf. We must join with the metal. It would be wise, my friend."
    It's just absolutely fantastic what this man has accomplished in life and still wants more and more! Speaks and writes 5 languages fluently, participated in WWII, acted in God knows how many films, he's a Knight, and now sings classic Christmas songs with a Metal twist to it! I'll definetely get my hands on this!
    My respect for this man approaches infinity. It will be such a sad day when we lose him.
    It's far scarier when you realise it's Dracula fronting a metal band.
    I mean, yeah, it IS bad, but, it's sooo good, lol. Metal isn't as fun without all the cheese!
    Christopher Lee has been a favourite actor of mine ever since I first seen The Fellowship Of The Ring. Whether he was a villain or good guy in any movie, I still thought he was magnificent. I only recently found out about his involvement in metal, and that just makes me respect him even more. Brilliant voice, brilliant acting.
    His singing is really good, however the metal back tracking is shitty.
    This is really bad... sorry Saruman. Loved you in LotR, Star Wars and Rhapsody of Fire, but this is really bad.