††† (Crosses)'s 'The Epilogue' Video Released

The track is taken off the band's self-titled debut.

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"The Epilogue", the new video from ††† (Crosses) - Deftones frontman Chino Moreno's project with Far guitarist Shaun Lopez - can be seen below (via Blabbermouth). The song comes off †††'s self-titled full-length debut, which was released on February 11 via Sumerian Records. The CD includes the songs from †††'s two previously released EPs - 2011's "" and 2012's "††," along with five new tracks.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Moreno stated about †††'s sound: "By listening to the music, you can tell that a lot of the influences come from the new-wave era. That was basically the scene that I came up on. I just happened to wind up in a metal band when I was 15. I've always had a deep passion for a lot of early electronic and sampled music."

Asked about †††'s heavy use of the cross in the band's imagery and songtitles, Moreno said: "I think a lot of bands are influenced by religious symbolism and not even necessarily Christianity or Catholicism. Our band definitely doesn't follow any of those. It's more of the aesthetic. The art, the way it works.

"The initial name of the band was going to be HOLY GHOST. But at the last minute, another band came out with the name, so Shaun suggested Crosses. It's a very strong symbol. Three crosses is great. It's great to look at, there's three of us in the band."

††† made its live debut in January 2012 at The Glass House in Pomona, California.

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    Interesting video... fantastic song. Chino's become the new Maynard. I hope he can sustain Crosses and Deftones continuously.
    Such a great album. Was pleasantly surprised by how well the entire record stands up. It doesn't just rely on a few singles; everything gels together so beautifully that it results in a fresh listen each time. Chino has always had an amazing voice, but with Crosses the scope of his vocals is so different and refined to what you get in Deftones. It's this almost smooth-as-silk croon that would make Sinatra himself melt at Chino's feet. Hoping "Frontiers" is the next music video!