A7X Guitarist: 'I Miss Jimmy More in the Songwriting Department Than in the Studio'

artist: Avenged Sevenfold date: 09/16/2013 category: music news

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A7X Guitarist: 'I Miss Jimmy More in the Songwriting Department Than in the Studio'
Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates opened up about the absence of late drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan from "Hail to the King" making process, noting it's the songwriting area where Sullivan is missed the most. According to Gates, it would be disrespectful towards current drummer Arin Ilejay to overemphasize Rev's absence, mostly due to top-notch efforts Arin delivered on the album. "I hate to say missed, I mean he's always missed," the axeman told Loaded Radio. "It would just be an insult to Arin and all that he accomplished to say there was a drum presence missed in the studio. I more missed Jimmy in the songwriting department. As incredible drummer he was, Arin absolutely nailed it. Man, if we could get a couple of Jimmy's songs on the record - that guy was just a monster." As for the album that "speaks more with saying less" in Syn's words, "Hail to the King" dropped on August 27 via Warner Bros. and had since topped the charts in six countries around the globe. No. 1 spots also include the UK and US, where it topped the Billboard 200 list with 163,000 units shipped within the first week. Check out the title track video below.
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