A7X's Gates Praises Breaking Benjamin: They're Among Greatest Songwriters of the Modern Era

"Breaking Benjamin, talk about songwriting."

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A7X's Gates Praises Breaking Benjamin: They're Among Greatest Songwriters of the Modern Era

As Avennged Sevenfold are gearing up to embark on a tour with Bring Me the Horizon and Breaking Benjamin, guitarist Syn Gates sang massive praises of Ben Burnley and co., ranking them among finest songwriters of modern rock.

Syn told Loudwire:

"We've been friends with these guys for a long time. Bullet for My Valentine, we're bros. We've been in the trenches with those guys.

"My god, the fact that both bands are still around blows my fucking mind. They're the coolest dudes and obviously we're super fans of the music and the genres make sense.

"Breaking Benjamin, talk about songwriting, I mean, some of the greatest songwriters of the modern era.

"And, obviously it's a little heavier. So to bring a pretty unique package you got super heavy, then there's us and whatever the fuck that is and then really super strong songwriting through that hard rock filter."

"It's just a real cool package. We're happier when we're with friends on tour. Sometimes you make 'business' decisions based on your happiness and we're stoked to just hang with those dudes."

Syn also said the guys are very excited about finally being able to pull out the big guns onstage. Even though their latest record "The Stage" has been our for a while, the boys were mostly touring as support act for Metallica, limiting their overall stage presence. Gates commented:

"We just want to tour. We spent a lot of time in the studio. I mean, we've spent a lot of time on tour too.

"Metallica was absolutely fucking fantastic but we've spent a lot of time in and around that recording. So now that it's all done, and we have new artwork to show and new songs to show the kids, it's just important to get out on the road and play and see familiar faces.

"That's ultimately what I love doing the most. The studio is fun and post fact, you learn so much shit, but it's really about getting on tour and seeing the reason why you're there."

Breaking Benjamin are gearing up to release their new album "Embed" sometime in 2018. You can check out the "Failure" single off their latest album "Dark Before Dawn" in the embedded player below.

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    Does making every fucking song sound exactly the same put them among greatest songwriters of modern rock?
    I agree that a lot of it sounds the same, but I think with some bands you know exactly what your going to get and your fine with that.  I don't believe any Breaking Benjamin fan buys an album expecting something "new" sound-wise.  That being said - I enjoy the music but I disagree with the "best songwriter" statements.
    I was kind of happy to get an album that continued their sound. Instead of getting something completely new that was entirely different from their past after their 6(?) year hiatus. Then again, a drastic change could also end really well. 
    Exactly, could’ve got another One More Light kick to the nuts. As much as I love LP and Chester, stuff after New Divide single was just TOO different, I can understand the last album’s vibe because of the suicide and all, which made me listen to lyrics instead of that crappy pop over that. That’s why I’m grateful for BB.
    It's a shame BB's last few albums are 60% pointless, disposable ballads. But the good songs are damn good songs.
    I give BB credit for being around for 15 years when similar bands from the same era faded away. But great songwriters? No way. And I think Chevelle are better at that part. 
    Breaking Benjamin is among he greatest of our time? Fuck off outta here, every song I've ever heard sounds the same
    To reference an above comment, ACDC is among the greatest of all time? Every song I've ever heard sounds the same
    I honestly am not a huge fan of AC/DC, in part because everything sounds the same (among other things), so personally the comparison doesn't really negate my original point. To each their own.
    Breaking Benjamin are amazing musicians, anyone who says otherwise listens to FFDP and jerks off to brick walls. 
    Dunno about great song writers or what not but BB is definitely like the ultimate filler band for modern rock. Start up any Pandora rock station and BB will usually start playing in between whatever bands you actually chose to listen to. They are pretty much liked by everyone, you can play them at a party and even people who don't like rock are ok with them. They also sound really good live which is always a plus. Their lead singer has a great voice
    Pretty big statement to say they are among the finest songwriters of modern rock. I would say not even close to it.
    Songs like Diary of Jane or Blow Me Away are indeed really wellwritten. Just because their genre (postgrunge) is (in)famous for untalented, commercial music  (i.e. Nickelback) doesn't mean talented bands do not exist in said genre. Breaking Benjamin are a prime example of it, just like Synyster Gates is saying.
    Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me The Horizon, and Breaking Benjamin...it's like the trifecta of butt rock.