A7X's Shadows: What's My Favorite Video Game of All Time

"Games helped me a lot when Rev died."

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A7X's Shadows: What's My Favorite Video Game of All Time

Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows talked about the role video games play in his life, telling Rolling Stone (transcribed by UG):

"On the road, if I'm bored before a gig, I have a gaming console out there. It's called Fort Knox, I'm connected online, I can jump in and play 'Call of Duty' with my friends or...

"It's a nice thing to have as a backdrop so I don't ever get too anxious. It kind of cures insomnia in some ways - it's therapeutic.

"Games first came into being when I was a kid. The first Nintendo was made... when I first got those things, I couldn't believe they existed. And I can see the same thing with my son when he plays.

"I got into every game they put on Nintendo from day one. 'Zelda' is my favorite franchise of all time - when a new 'Zelda' comes out, it's all I really wanna play.

"Games helped me a lot when Rev died.

"It was something I was able to do and not go outside and deal with people. I also found a community online where I was able to escape all the feelings I was having of losing my best friend. For a couple of years, I just played video games online.

"Our gaming relationship started at EA with a guy named Steve Schnur, who was putting together a soundtrack for what would be Madden.

"He was a visionary guy, he had this idea of putting rock music and more contemporary stuff in video games, instead of this stuff you'd hear in 'Castlevania.'

"We did an Easter egg song for 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 1' and 'Black Ops 2.' And then in 'Black Ops 3,' we did all the multiplayer music. So when you're playing against other people online, you're hearing Avenged Sevenfold.

"You don't have to make these album tracks that play into a bigger picture, you just have to make these bangers. Like, how I wanna feel when I'm running and people are shooting at me.

"Now that I have kids, gaming to me is more about watching them play and getting them into it."

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    Comeback Kiddd
    I would of thought he would play shadow of the colossus or something along those lines when it came to dealing with the death of the rev. He is just a casual gamer but still cool regardless
    He's just a casual player because he didn't mimick the plot of the movie Reign Over Me?
    Im bodered by the fact they dont have guitar straps lol
    Favorite band, and now I find out that Shaddow's favorite franchise is Zelda... which is also mine! Oh god I sound like a 13 year old fan girl right now... Eh, worth it. 
    I tried that Link to the Past on the SNES classic. Just... too much walking around for me. 
    I hope ur joking.
    No, I'm serious. Help me understands this game. Granted, I'm only in the beginning of it, but walk around...push a bush...find a princess in a castle...find my way out...I just got tired of all this walking. 
    I guess the beginning can be a bit slow, though most Zelda games are really slow to start. Twilight princess is one of the worst I’ve played for that. Give it about an hour or so and u should see that it is truly great. Though everyone has their own taste.
    A Link to the Past is one of the best Zelda games next to Link's Awakening and breath of the Wild! 
    Ocarina of time Majoras mask Windwaker Twilight princess In that order
    Breath of the Wild Link to the Past Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask Windwaker LTTP has been my favorite my whole life. Ocarina changed my life, but I still found myself loving LTTP more. Breath of the Wild blew my mind. 
    Honestly, every Zelda starts slow. Once you get maybe 5-10 mins further then you are the game picks up. But too much walking? You realize any game where you play as a protagonist you walk around right?
    Shut up. You know what I mean.  Fine...I'll try it again this weekend. But if nothing cool happens after 30 minutes I'm going to find you and steal your guitars.
    Can I keep my violin?  But seriously, for me that game is my old school favorite and only with Breath of the Wild releasing is the reason it's not my #1 anymore. Without trying to spoil anything, you can do the order of the dungeons any way you want. There is so much freedom in a game that was made over 2 decades ago, and the soundtrack is just awesome.
    The fact that they were featured in Black Ops II kinda already gave this away, but it's still cool. Imagine getting in a random lobby and Matt's in there raging his ass off, I'd love to hear him rage with his voice.
    Zelda: Breath of the Wild  Best game ever pretty much 
    The original version before they out the Zelda skin on it was better, you know, Skyrim.
    Ahahahahahaha except breath of the wild if the full of glitches and poor story lines
    Storylines were for kids - but who out that slutty woman at the arrow show in Karaiko village?  Thats a funny inclusoon.  As mentioned above, I have the WiiU and had no glitches at all.  
    Let me try that again, the slutty woman who runs the arrow shop in Karaiko Village.  Chick is always moaning.  Quite comical....but one of a few attempts to appeal to us oldsters.  
    I'm too old for multiple systems.  I ain't got no time for that.....I bought the WiiU (underrated btw - there is a game that could have saved the entire system - "Mario Chase" - a small game on Nintendoland - just straight "tag", hours of fun but only 3 levels.  They missed on this in number of number of ways) 
    Like their music a lot, but honestly - every article, soundbite, interview or ANYTHING has to mention Rev. Why?  We get it, you miss him, but move on, it's not healthy.
    I think the main reasons for them always mentioning him are that he was a childhood friend, there from the beginning, and they all were attached. They've accepted the Rev is gone but why can't they keep him in their memory? He's such a big part of the band but even bigger in their personal lives, I mean they were best friends since before they started the band at 15 for Christ's sake. He also wrote a lot of the songs (almost every song in Diamond in the Rough was credited as written by Rev) proving he was a big part of the whole music process so it would be unfair to just leave him out when relevant on that front. Just because they mention him doesn't mean they haven't moved on, its healthy to talk about and remember someone that special. And in relation to the article, games are a good escape during bouts of depression from experience so it's normal for him to be mentioned there, especially if video games really did help Shadows.
    There's a gaming podcast called "The Indoor Kids" hosted by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon- he appeared on there and spoke really passionately about gaming and what it means to him.
    I specifically want to hear awesome music like in Castlevania series. Not megadeth or some other rock/metal bands.