A Guitar For The Big Boys

Big Lou Guitars develops the Big Lou Wide Nut guitar with extra wide fretboards and nuts to accommodate those with bigger hands and fingers.

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Big Lou Guitars develops the Big Lou Wide Nut guitar with extra wide fretboards and nuts to accommodate those with bigger hands and fingers. The wider string spacing offers generous room for easier playability and accuracy.

Serial inventor/entrepreneur, Louis Carroll stumbled across the idea four months into beginning guitar lessons. After struggling with the limited width of standard fretboards and the narrow spacing between strings, Carroll set out to design an affordable, feature packed electric guitar to accommodate those with bigger hands and fingers an ideal guitar to suit his playing needs.

One other feature that appears on the Big Lou Wide Nut guitars is the Pinky Slot. This is a slotted groove cut directly into the pick guard to improve picking accuracy and provide a point of reference for the player's right hand.

Features of the Big Lou Wide Nut Guitar include:

  • 1 7/8 (47.625mm) nut width
  • .315 (8mm) string spacing
  • Pinky Slot
  • Basswood solid body
  • Maple bolt-on neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Jumbo 2.7mm frets
  • Floating tremolo system with locking nut (chrome)
  • H/S/S one humbucker, two single coil pickup configuration with coil split switch
  • One volume, two tone controls
  • 5-way pickup selector switch
  • Aluminum foil shielding on all electrical components
  • Available colors: Sunburst, Midnight, Royal Blue, Red Velvet and Ghost

    To test the waters, Carroll displayed at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) trade show this past June and received enough praise from attendees that production runs are now underway to insure delivery of Holiday sales inventory.

    Big Lou Guitars is actively seeking dealers and distributors. To learn more about the line, please visit BigLouGuitar.com.

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    15 comments sorted by best / new / date

      If I read this right, this guitar actually encourages anchoring with that stupid pinkyslot. Worst feature ever.
      pretty cool, a friend of mine started playing bass just cause his fingers were too big, now he can play guitar again haha
      technoguyx wrote: Looks like an interesting idea, but my hands are tiny so I won't need this
      I know what you mean
      VeNgeaNce_4444 wrote: i have fat, uncoordinated fingers, so this is good news for me XD.
      Malmsteen also has fat fingers, but look what he can do.
      I am not too into the pinky slot, I try to avoid using my pinky as an aid for my wrist pivots. It's bad enough my explorer's bridge allows me to rest my hand on the strings from behind it to do rapid punk down strokes.
      Stevie Ray had massive hands and fingers and still stuck to a Stratt so I say suck it up and play a real guitar. I have huge hands but I'm not handicapped
      King of Zor
      Don't be so quick to slag this off as a fat-finger thing. I grew up playing a classical, which has a 2" wide nut. I always wondered why electrics had these stupid skinny necks for, since they DO have that kind of room up above the 12th fret! Why so cramped at the nut? Why not room there, too? I've been getting Superwide necks from Warmoth for just this reason. This guy's selling a whole @#$% guitar for less than Warmoth's neck. I'm about to take the plunge on this one, just to see how it plays.