A Perfect Circle Anounces 'Three Sixty,' a Greatest Hits Collection

Release includes "By and Down," A Perfect Circle's first new, original studio recording in a decade.

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A Perfect Circle, the multi-platinum rock band helmed by Maynard James Keenan (Tool, Puscifer) and Billy Howerdel (Ashes Divide), issue "Three Sixty," the outfit's first greatest hits collection, via Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) on Nov. 19. The release also includes A Perfect Circle's first new original, studio recording in a decade with the inclusion of "By and Down," a song written after the band returned from their self-imposed hiatus for a series of live performances throughout 2010 and 2011. "Billy and I created A Perfect Circle out of a now long-running friendship, and I think the music we have made reflects that personal connection and has given us the ability to further develop and trust our intuition," explained Keenan. "Feel 'Three Sixty' is an accurate representation of that friendship and those instincts." A Perfect Circle formed in the late '90s with Keenan and Howerdel making up the core of the band with a number of well-known musicians having recorded and/or toured with the outfit including James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins), Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age, Failure), Paz Lenchantin (Entrance Band, Zwan), Jeordie White (Marilyn Manson), Josh Freese (the Vandals, Devo) and Tim Alexander (Primus). The band released their first album, Mer de Noms in 2000, which debuted in the Top 5 on BillboardтАЩs Top 200 and quickly established the group as one of rock musicтАЩs biggest bands of the new millennium. Following extensive international touring, A Perfect Circle began work on Thirteenth Step which saw a late 2003 release and landed at #2 on BillboardтАЩs Top 200 in its debut week. The outfitтАЩs third release, a coversтАЩ album titled eMOTIVe, was released on Election Day 2004 and featured re-imagined versions of songs by a varied group of artists including John Lennon, Black Flag, Joni Mitchell and Devo. Following the release of eMOTIVe, Keenan and Howerdel focused on their individual projects with Keenan working on TOOLтАЩs 10,000 Days and launching the multimedia electro-rock outfit Puscifer and Howerdel creating Ashes Divide. A Perfect Circle has sold over five million albums worldwide. A Perfect Circle also recently announced the release of a limited edition box set titled A Perfect Circle Live: Featuring Stone And Echo. The collection, which focuses on the bandтАЩs live outings from 2010-2011 includes a full-length DVD of the outfitтАЩs August 2011 Red RockтАЩs concert (with accompanying audio) as well as a 3-cd collection of live releases, one dedicated to each of the three studio albums from the bandтАЩs discography. The collection is available on Nov. 26, with more information available via A Perfect CircleтАЩs Facebook page (www.facebook.com/aperfectcircle). "Three Sixty," both standard and deluxe editions, track listing:

1. The Hollow 2. Judith 3. Orestes 4. 3 Libras 5. Weak and Powerless 6. The Noose 7. The Outsider 8. Blue 9. When the Levee Breaks 10. Imagine 11. Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums 12. Passive 13. By and Down

Disc 1 1. The Hollow 2. Rose 3. Judith 4. Orestes 5. 3 Libras 6. The Package 7. Weak and Powerless 8. The Noose 9. The Outsider 10. Blue Disc 2 1. Imagine 2. Passive 3. People Are People (live) 4. Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums 5. When the Levee Breaks 6. By and Down 7. 3 Libras (live) 8. Gravity (live) 9. Fiddle and the Drum (live)

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    Erm, hasn't this been fairly common knowledge for about 6 months... and I think I originally read about it on this site.
    i'm so sick of bands doing this. THREE ALBUMS DOES NOT WARRANT A GREATEST FUCKING HITS. now bands like motorhead an iron maiden who have vast back catalogues a greatest hits is a helpful insight but really? three albums and you think you need a greatest hits? i don't care how good you think a perfect circle are. 3 albums doesn't warrant a greatest hits
    Their contract obligated them to do this. Look it up.
    That's not the point
    actually, it's exactly the point. They didn't want to do this. They are being forced to do it. It's either they do it (and get it as right as they can) or leave it up to the record company...who won't
    The contract likely said "we want 4 albums..." while they could have recorded a new album with new material, they chose the low road and went with GH album.
    I highly doubt the contract stated "3 albums + GH album"....bad marketing
    It's unfortunate that you're blaming them for this, when it's not their fault at all. Their record company forced them to make this. They actually RESISTED it.
    i don't get why they put counting bodies like sheep... on there but not pet on this cd pet is an amazing song and counting bodies was just weird imo
    Because they wanted to put 4 tracks from each CD. I would rather have seen Pet than The Noose though.
    Thrice Capades
    For the $$$ this will costs you're better off buying all of their albums and getting all the kickass songs that didn't make the Greatest Hits cut.
    I'd like to think this will be a total flop considering there's almost no reason someone into APC would want this over one of their full albums. Let the record company lose money off of it.
    A greatest hits off of two albums and an album full of covers... Just release the first two albums as a deluxe double disc set and boom! done!
    I think a live album would have served better than a best of collection to fulfill their contracted album quota. Especially if it came with a DVD. Would have been all over that. This - not so much.
    They are. And it's coming out right after this greatest hits. It's a box set that already sold out called "Stone and Echo" and they are also releasing it digitally on iTunes. It's 4 live cd's, one of each album in it's entirety recorded in 2010 for 3 of em. And the 4th is from 2011 that is there whole show, nearly 2 hours, along with a live DVD (or digital video for online. And the DVD/ live album is from the Red Rocks show that this dude in the comments below hated so much that he left. I guess we'll see how awful it was when it comes out, I believe Dec. 6!
    Are they attempting to fulfill a record label contract? I think sometimes thats why bands release live albums and greatest hits when they are completely unnecessary
    This was announced a while ago. Good keepin' up with the news, UG! Overpriced P.O.S., coming from a very large APC/Tool/Maynard fan.
    My whole "getup" whatever the hell that means, is not stage presence at a show...I could have stayed home to hear a CD if the music was all I wanted to hear---a live ROCK N' ROLL show should be a visceral, out-of-body, life-altering experience filled with passion, frenzy and electricity! Not a bunch of lameasses standing there like they are on a street corner for ****ssakes! The great rock singers of the ages (Daltrey, Plant, Ozzy, Bon Scott, David Lee Roth, etc.)were the captains of the attack so to speak, and they embraced this with energy, verve and balls! Sorry, I thought it was a Rock show, guess I was mistaken....
    Thrice Capades
    Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the show. But I think you went into it with the wrong mindset. It's pretty obvious that you don't like APC, which is the first problem with going to their show and having the "here we are now, entertain us" mentality. Maynard's performances are definitely...well...here's a review from the show you were at: "Maynard James Keenan is a rock star. The notoriously aloof front man simply had to utter the words “Good evening” to send a packed Red Rocks crowd into a frenzy at the start of last night’s A Perfect Circle performance. Keenan performed virtually the entire hour and 40 minute set from a dimly-lit platform towards the back of the stage, which was encased in a cargo net touting the APC logo. The production was incredibly simple and despite more prominent flashing lights during the band’s bigger singles, there were no fancy theatrics, no talking between songs — it was all about the music."
    Saw these guys in Denver at Red Rocks two summers back, one of the worst shows that I have ever seen, we ended up leaving, it was so lame....note to Mr. Keenan:if you are going to grow up to be a rock singer, this is what comes with the territory:you are at the forefront of your band (not hiding in the back), and you actually have to engage with the audience (the people that are paying you to entertain them and allow you to live the sheltered, out of touch with reality lifestyle you now live)from time to time...I have seen hundreds of shows in my time but this one was a supreme dud. Very disappointing as I had heard so much about this band and was expecting much more---the opening band: Red Vacuum Bacteria blew them away....work on your stage presence guys....
    Root Beer
    If your whole getup is stage presence at a show why the **** are you listening to anything involving Maynard, whose getup is obviously to let the music be at the forefront?
    Well, there's yer problem; Maynard ISN'T the forefront of the band. He's not the frontman. He's just the vocalist. There's a difference.
    Stage presence isn't what makes a show great. And when I saw em in Dallas on that same tour in 2011, they had great stage presence. And what's funny is that Red Rocks show was recorded for a live DVD/CD that's coming out early December so we all get to see just how bad this show was.
    Someone doesn't have a very open mind when it comes to live music. I suppose it would've been better if Maynard had led the crowd in an APC APC APC chant? If you want corny posturing I'm sure Myles Kennedy is touring somewhere.
    I don't know why UG isn't saying anything about the live CD's and DVD in 'Stone and Echo". Early December they're releasing a live album of each of their albums recorded in 2010 and a live CD/DVD of a 2011 concert at Red Rocks. It was supposed to be only a limited edition box set, but now it's gonna be released online digitally. Very happy bout it!
    Not a fan of this. They only have a few albums and you're gonna have a greatest hits album? Love the band, but hate this decision.