A Perfect Circle Lose Drummer Josh Freese

Freese has "no plans of returning" which suggests a rough split - but why? Read more about his potential replacement here.

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Drummer Josh Freese has quit A Perfect Circle after 13 years.

The split doesn't sound amicable Freese insists he has "no plans of returning" according to a tweet below.

That means the band will need to recruit someone new before their single scheduled show on December 29 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Last year Puscifer drummer Jeff Friedl covered for Freese, putting him at the top of a list of rumored replacements.

The current lineup of the supergroup consists of Tool singer Maynard James Keenan, guitarist Billy Howerdel, former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha and bassist Matt McJunkins.

At least Freese got a chance to take part in their North American tour last summer which was their first for six years. Meanwhile, it is assumed he will continue to drum for Weezer, Devo and Sublime.

The band currently has no record deal, but will have no problem being signed up when they have new music ready for release.

After 13 years, I've decided to leave @aperfectcircle with no plans of returning. Apologies to those inquiring about the upcoming shows.

Josh Freese (@joshfreese) October 2, 2012

Will you miss Freese's drumming on their records, or do you welcome new drumming blood? Let us know your reaction in the comments.

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    Oh god, I thought he died. =/ That scared me.
    misleading title draws you in, misdirection draws you to comment, misleaders win. (troll sees opportunity to chime in with cynicism, troll replies with the predicted quip of a cynic, those the troll is cynical of still win.)
    I want more tool god damnit
    More Tool! - Not another APC tour, then another Pucifer tour, then another wine making DVD/book tour, then another Pucifer tour, then another APC EP followed by a tour and then a break from all the touring to focus in the vinyeards...
    Tim Alexander would probably be a pretty good fit, get him for the show.. and a new album.
    primus sucks.
    Anyone who thumbs that comment down probably has never seen the comments on Primus' videos on youtube xD
    Well, Tim was the initial drummer for APC before Josh, so that would make sense. His drum track is used on "The Hollow"
    Its a real shame but Freese has often been in and out of the band. He's a drum ***** and plays for so many bands I guess there had to come a point where he was forced to choose. The message is very blunt though I hope there hasnt been a fall out or anything - he seems like a nice guy. I just know from past interviews with people in this band that Maynard has a way of causing little stirs - him and Billy have had some big fallouts over the years. Not complaining or anything I love the band and their music has clearly benefited from this, but maybe it became too much for Freese? Who knows!? Anyway I'm sure they'll find someone who can play the existing stuff (Freidl being the obvious choice) but wether that person can write as well will remain to be seen. That is of course if they ever get back in the studio again...
    not a wh0re, just one of the best session drummers in the world and makes other bands sound better when he plays with them. he's not getting songwriting credit so why not drum for everyone?
    "At least Freese got a chance to take part in their North American tour last summer which was their first for six years." Actually he missed that tour, or at least part of it. He wasn't there when I saw them. Well this sucks anyway, I thought his style fit the band really well.
    he played in pittsburgh and it was one of the worst, most boring, uninspiring concerts I have ever had the misfortune of attending
    not saying it was freese fault... i loved him in nin... but APC sucks. A friend of mine suckered me in to going and I will never let him live it down
    While APC is my least favorite of Maynard's bands (Puscifer > Tool > APC), they are still one of the better bands out there and put on a helluva show.
    He's probably just too busy playing on every album that ever mattered for every band that ever mattered.
    Damn. He was a quality drummer and would have been good to see him at Soundwave.
    I wonder why there is no mention of him playing for the Vandals, his original band?
    What an amazing drummer. Hands down he is is in my top 5 favorite drummers of all time. The man's a beast and deserves more credit.
    They may have been around for 13 years but they were probably only active half the time.
    I've been playing drums for 10 years now.. I'm not trying to brag, but I have played from one coast to the other, and have had my share of some pretty big time gigs, with some big names. This deeply saddens me. Josh Freese's drumming WITH A Perfect Circle is what lead me to pick up the sticks all those years ago. After hearing his drumming on that first album, I knew that THIS is what I wanted to do.
    You could have left out those first two sentences, and your post would still have meant the same thing. Just sayin'....
    I am the starting quarterback on the highschool football team with a quarterback rating of 101.7 and also make a mean apple pie. I feel that your commented was snarky.
    I've been looking forward to a new A Perfect Circle album for a while. I hope this doesn't get in the way of that. He was a great drummer, but I think the band can survive.
    no no no! This is seriously sad news, as a huge APC fan... Here's hoping this doesn't ruin the plans for a new album, at least. The only thing that could make up for it is if NIN start touring again next year, and he drums, IMO.
    Not exactly about Freese, but at this point I really don't think calling the band with only one Sublime member in it "Sublime".
    The name A Perfect Circle was chosen as a symbol of the endless friendship of the band members. If this split does not seem amicable, does this mean that the band name no longer makes sense?
    they've had plenty of lineup changes, so josh leaving doesn't change the meaning of anything
    Oh I know members in APC have come and gone. My comment is just poking a little fun because this atricle says the split doesn't seem like a friendly one.
    freese is such an excellent drummer, that freidl dude honestly blew ass when i saw them last year. sad sad day for APC, but i agree with my compadre on top, maybe this will make time for tool to complete their album.
    Its a sad day. But, I thought APC wasnt going to release a full album again anyway? Regardless, great band. Great drummer. Its a shame
    Damn, really? His drumming in APC is excellent, gonna really miss it. A real shame.
    Freese is the best session drummer of our generation. He's the Cozy Powell of our generation actually. Wish he would have stayed. ps is he really in Weezer??
    Last thing i saw him doing was drumming for paramore at reading festival 2012. He was awesome on the drums!
    Oh wait no. Not reading 2012 (my head was being stupid then) i meant on some youtube videos. My bad!
    Weezer, Devo, and Sublime? Really? A trained monkey could play drums for those bands. Not to belittle his talent but he's just in it for the money at this point. APC deserve better.