A Perfect Circle: New Album to Include Some of our Best Songs Yet

"Certainly some of the favorite things I've ever heard Maynard sing," comments Billy Howerdel.

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A Perfect Circle: New Album to Include Some of our Best Songs Yet

Guitarist Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle guitarist recently talked about the band's decision to do a new album, titled "The Doomed," which will be their full studio effort since 2004. He told Cutter of Razor 94.7 (via Blabbermouth):

"There was a couple of false starts, but there's a lot of moving parts in our schedules — [singer] Maynard's [James Keenan] schedule in particular — so this seemed to be the time it worked out.

And that being said,
there's many other factors that play into it. But there was something that needed to be said and we have a lot, musically, to say right now."

Clearly excited about this new record, Howerdel said:

"I've said this before, so I'm being a little redundant: I can talk you out of anything, really, and I can talk you out of listening to our music or anything I've ever done, but I would say this record is some of the best songs we've ever done, and certainly some of the favorite things I've ever heard Maynard sing."

About the band's creative process Howerdel said:

"Typically, I'll start an idea at home, kind of in isolation, and just kind of work on it until I don't hate it anymore. And then send it over to Maynard, see if he finds anything compelling about it.

"He'll kind of say 'yay' or 'nay' and find something he latches on to. And he'll throw down a scat vocal — syllables and a vocal melody idea, and it helps me move the song forward from there. And then if it's enough, then he starts working on lyrics, so he does all the lyrics and melodies and orchestrates the backups and all that.

"And then I concentrate on making the music. So that's kind of the back-and-forth conversation that we have musically.

"We're working less physically together, physically in the same room, but I have more input from him than ever, which is nice."

Maynard is now activated. When is the new Tool album happening?

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    I want to see a band come out and say "Man, this is probably the worst album we have ever made. We really didn't even try." 
    NoFX is almost saying that with their latest stuffs. 
    Way to completely disrespect the band you are "reporting" on by ending the article with "when is the new tool album happening."
    The Maynard has come out of hyper sleep and is now engaged. The time is now. 
    I don't get it. I know its the common internet opinion, but the guy is a dad, makes wine, toured behind Puscifer, wrote lyrics for A Perfect Circle.
    He's released lots of albums since 2006, the other Tool members haven't. Doesn't take a genius...
    Yeah, but his last good album was 10,000 days. I can jerk off all day, but I know better than to call it productive work.
    You call that being disrespectful? It's just an article. Don't get your panties in a bunch.
    I asked the same question while commenting on a different APC article.....  It's our tool and we need it now!1  JG keenanworth 1-877-need-t00L-n0w 
    A Perfect Circle is Tool-lite.
    APC are more melody driven. They're both different beasts.
    Sure, like a growth on their shoulder.
    It'd be so refreshing for a veteran band, when asked about their new material: "Oh, its better than the tripe we've been releasing for the past few years, but obviously nowhere NEAR as good as (Classic Album A), or even (Classic Album B)!"
    awwwww shit, Its gonna be bad, they said its their best songs yet.  It's over..... waiting four tewl.
    Don't care for the new song at all. Sounds too upbeat and lacks the edge that their old stuff had. Oh well, I'll give the album a listen but I'm not expecting a lot.