A Perfect Circle Releasing First New Song in a Decade

"By and Down" will find its place on upcoming "Three Sixty" collection.

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When he said that "music is happening on all fronts," Maynard James Keenan wasn't joking. After confirming his involvement on the new Tool record, the singer has now announced that his second band, A Perfect Circle, are set to unleash their first new tune in a decade. Titled "By and Down," the song will be featured on upcoming "Three Sixty" greatest hits collection. While chatting with Rolling Stone, Maynard noted that the five-piece was looking to offer fans more than just any run-of-the-mill compilation. Due out on November 19, "Three Sixty" will come in standard 13-song edition and 19-track deluxe version, both featuring tunes from each of the group's three studio efforts. The deluxe edition also adds live performances and Joni Mitchell cover song "Fiddle and the Drum." "Of course, record companies always have their little clause in their contract, about their right to release a greatest hits record," Maynard explained. "I think that can be kind of weird sometimes, when you see 'the greatest hits,' no, no – 'the greatest greatest hits.' Releases by a record label that the band had nothing to do with, and there's several versions of the same thing, over and over again.

"That's kind of why we did the DVD and the box set. If you're going to release a greatest hits, we should also offer something that's not just the old recordings, rearranged. But on that greatest hits, there's going to be the studio version of 'By and Down,' which is the new track that we've been working on, that we never quite got around to recording," he concluded. As the latest APC effort so far, "eMotive" dropped back in November 2004 via Virgin Records. The band will also release "A Perfect Circle Live: Featuring Stone and Echo" box set on November 26.

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    Though I'm excited for the new song..it also seems a bit weird that they're releasing a Greatest hits with only three albums worth of tracks, one of which is a covers collection
    By and Down is a great song and I look forward to hearing the studio version. I heard it live back in 2011 during their North American tour so it's not exactly the first new song in a decade, more like 7 years.
    good God! The DVD/Box set is $150! Seriously? That's insane!
    Outrageous. Buying decent music is turning into a rich man's sport...and we are supposed to feel bad for artists who aren't making money?
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