A Wilhelm Scream Loses Guitarist

artist: A Wilhelm Scream date: 11/30/2007 category: music news

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There has been a rumor floating around the old internerd the past few days, and there have also been some MySpace comments posted about Chris leaving the band. "We didn't want to detract from the positive news surrounding the release of Career Suicide, but instead of letting you little gossip mongers spread around what you may or may not have heard, this is our official statement on the subject. I have decided that my time with A Wilhelm Scream is over. I started playing music 18 years ago. At that time my only reason for doing it was because it was fun. I have maintained for the duration of my time in Smackin' Isaiah/A Wilhelm Scream that when it stopped being fun, I would give it up. The bottom line here is that I just don't enjoy the day-in, day-out grind of being on tour anymore. Our touring schedule, as most of you know, is fucking ridiculous and I just can't continue doing it. There are no personal or creative differences between any of us. None of that bullshit. I still love this band and everything it stands for. The six years that I've spent in SI/AWS have been the best of my life. We've accomplished more than I ever expected, and I take with me with more amazing memories than most people experience in a lifetime. I want to thank Trevor, Nuno, Nick, Jon, and Brian (but not Curtiss) for being the best bandmates, and best friends I could have ever asked to live in a van with. And for understanding why I have to leave. My only real regret is that I won't get to see all of our close friends situated inconveniently around the world as often as I'd like (You know who you are)". So now that the bad news is over, it's time for some good news. You might be asking yourself "What about the Only Crime/Swellers tour?" Well I'm glad you asked. Filling in for Chris on the upcoming tour will be a friend of the bands, Mike from the band Alucard. Homeboy shreds like a motherf--ker, and I'm sure he won't have a problem tearing your faces off. Chris' final show will be in New Bedford sometime in November. After which, the search for a permanent replacement will begin.
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