A Wilhelm Scream Update

artist: A Wilhelm Scream date: 02/09/2006 category: music news
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After a concise message earlier this week on the subject, A Wilhelm Scream have posted some more information on the departure of bassist Curtis Lopez and their now-vacant bass position. "If you want gossip on what happened I dunno what to tell ya, I wasn't even around. 'Cobra' just took his stuff and skipped out on a plane, and I haven't even talked to him since. It was personality issues with members of the band (shit boiled up inside maybe, got to him, whatever, i'm not Dr. Phil) and he was only in the band for a short amount of time, never on a record or wrote with us so this doesn't really affect the band besides the fact that we had to find a dude to fill his shoes in the middle of a tour." The band has quickly found a replacement for Lopez in Nick Danger of The Swellers. Danger "quit college to do this tour" and after the tour ends, the band will set out to formally audition replacements both on referrals and potentially in open auditions. The band is supporting their 2005 full length, Ruiner with their ongoing tour with Less Than Jake.
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