A Wise Lesson On Old Music

Rick Wakeman recalls something he learned from a young fan who was carrying his 1973 album "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII", which we should all consider.

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Keyboardist Rick Wakeman has shared an inspiring lesson he learned from a young fan ten years ago, which he will never forget.

It was in the early 2000s that he met a young man carrying his 1973 album "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII":

"I came out of the hotel in Buenos Aires and this 16-year-old boy asked me to sign his copy. As I was signing it I asked him, 'What does a 16-year-old like about this old music?'

"He looked at me, quite hurt, and said, 'It might be old to you, Mr Wakeman, but I only heard it for the first time last week. When you hear something for the first time, it's new.' I've never forgotten that."

During the same interview with Music Radar, Rick talked about the recent resurgence in prog popularity.

"If you listen to the music from the '60s that prog followed on from, the songs then were very formatted. To a large extent it was 'intro-verse-verse-chorus-verse-solo-chorus-fade-out'. All prog did was to say, 'we're not going to do that... we're going to break the rules and if we feel like doing something, then we're going to do it.

"What's happened over the years is that there's now a little bit of prog in almost everything. So it's had an influence."

Rick recently release an all-new extended edition of his 1974 album "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth", which is available exclusively in a special edition of ClassicRockMagazine now.

Do you agree that prog has made a comeback? Which are your favorite new prog acts? Let us know in the comments.

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    An EXTENDED version of journey to the centre of the earth?! I didn't even think that was possible.
    That actually is something good to keep in mind. I'm just as happy discovering "old" new music as I am with new music.
    Wakemen is a phenomenal musician. 2:37 blows my mind every time.
    Thanks for sharing, that was sick. Never heard of his guy. It's annoying to me that people say that they hate progressive music, when so much of even their favorite artists can be considered progressive. I can easily make the argument that A pop band like the Chili peppers is a progressive rock band.... Not everything has to be dream theater or Genesis or Allan Holdsworth to be considered Progressive music. Also, the best part about finding new music is that it's new to YOU, even if it is in fact 30 or 40 years old... It's new to you and thats all that matters! We can learn alot from the past.
    Kid sounds pretty smart. I hate when people dismiss music simply because it's "old". So they're missing out on the Beatles, Hendrix, Led Zep, the Stones, the Who, Pink Floyd, etc. I feel sorry for them. Besides, like Bruce Lee said, you have to understand the root to understand the blossom.
    Karnivool ftw
    A big yes to this. Surely the new album must be almost finished. They've been playing new songs from it in different forms for more than a year now.
    Progressive Metal = Tool, Periphery Progressive Rock/Neo Progressive = It Bites, Magenta, Frost*, Arena
    Prog's shit
    Correction: Prog is THE shit.
    This gold medal is a proof that this article has currently been read by 150 metal fanboys that aren't capable of playing or composing anything else but that said [i]'intro-verse-verse-chorus-verse-solo-chorus-fade-out'.[/i ] Keep on hatin' UG!
    Tool and Mushugga are the future of prog.
    Why doesn't Wakeman team up with Jordan Rudess and kick some ass? Aboslutely the "Steve Vai" of keyboards!
    I think "progressive" is a term that can be applied to all types of music, as long as it's trying something new - even if it doesn't pan out too well - then it's progressing. Which is why pop music is stagnant. Also I love a bit of Procupine tree or Opeth.
    I'm gonna hav to use that quote I rly like that line from the kid. And Wakeman's a beast love his work with Yes, especially Awaken, he shreds that organ.