Aaron Gillespie Leaves Underoath

artist: Underoath date: 04/06/2010 category: music news
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Aaron Gillespie Leaves Underoath
According to reports, Underoath's drummer Aaron Gillespie has left the band. The band revealed the departure in a statement saying the group has decided to move on without the musician. Gillespie has been a member of Underoath since 1997 and along with being the drummer, he has also been a vocalist for the band. "We are taking this opportunity to sadly inform you the six of us have decided at the end of the current european tour, Aaron will no longer be playing in Underoath," read a statement released by Underoath on the situation. "It in no way effects any of the shows left on this tour. We appreciate the love and support from everyone in the past and hope that all of us will continue to receive your support on our future paths." The band also commented on their progress with their upcoming record, stating they will continue to work on it. In response to the statement released by the band, Gillespie unveiled one of his own, remarking on his departure. "I am more then aware the the news you have heard of seems rash, and probably hasty. I wanted to be able to write a few thing down here to maybe help you understand a bit," he said. "Underoath and i have parted ways. Yes that is a true statement. There is no bad blood, there is no anger. People change, times change, and sometimes change just comes hunting for you." Gillespie isn't the first core member to have left the band as Underoath has seen numerous musicians decide to focus on other projects. Dallas Taylor was the lead vocalist for the band for six years (1997-2003) while seven other guitarists and bassists have ventured in and out of the lineup.
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