ABBA Reunion Still a Possibility: 'It Would Have to Be Something Very Special'

"As long as we can sing and play, why not?" singer Frida Lyngstad says.

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Following the initial rumors of ABBA reunion dating back to last November, not much fresh info was announced; however, the band was now finally asked to address the reports.

Chatting with the Guardian, singer Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad and songwriter Bjorn Ulvaeus seemed open to the idea, stressing that the reunion would have to be a part of something "very special."

"It's difficult to talk about this because then all the news stories will be: 'ABBA is going to record another song!'" Frida explained. "But as long as we can sing and play, then why not? I would love to, but it's up to Bjorn and Benny."

"Nothing's planned and it would have to be something very special," Bjorn said, adding possibly a crucial remark: "But yes, why not?"

During the rest of the chat, Bjorn discussed some of today's top pop acts, confessing he gets jealous of certain artists from time to time. "I hear a really good pop song every now and then," he said. "'Roar' by Katy Perry, I love that! 'Poker Face' ... oh! What a song! And 'Rolling in the Deep' ... oh!"

Directly asked on whether he gets jealous or at least competitive, the musician replied: "Oh, jealous, definitely! But I realize it's a young man or woman's work to write pop music."

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    Personally I think reunions of old bands/artists are depressing. But whatever, there will be a huge demand for this and many will love it so cant see why they shouldn't go for it. They were such a great pop group though, hope that if they did reunite they wouldn't spoil their appeal.
    i don't think why an abba reunion could be depressing, i get it when you see certain bands or artists with a "physical" or "energetic" vibe in their performance and they just can't do it anymore or it just seems funny or sad as you said, but an act like abba could easily go on forever, like those performers in las vegas, i think it could be amazing if they do it right
    the reunion would have to be a part of something "very special." In this case, "something very special" is code for upwards of 7 figures.
    if you don't have news don't post repeats of other news you've posted a few different articles "ABBA are considering reunion" great. don't need to say anymore until they confirm a reunion